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7 Definite Tips to Get More Clients for Your Social Media Marketing Agency

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Updated on 5th December 2019

Looking for ways to get more clients for your social media marketing agency? I must warn you, this is going to be a tough game ahead!

If you are the internet savvy individual with a solid grasp of different social media channels, then you can surely consider setting up own social media marketing agency. Simply because the investment is nominal.  However, growing this business is not easy cause of the cutthroat competition ahead.

So, before you make desperate attempt to get more clients for your social media marketing agency, you should do some detailed research and plannng.

How to Do the Planning To Get More Clients for Your Social Media Marketing Agency

It is comparatively easier and cheaper to start a social media consulting business. This is the reason why competition is so extreme in this field. So, before you actually launch your own social media marketing services, you must complete the following steps:-

Start a Social Media Marketing Agency - Infographics

  • Conduct a detailed study of different business domains to identify exactly which sectors you can comfortably cover. For example, as a social media consultant you can chose to offer services to finance sector or green businesses only.
  • Perform a thorough research of different social media platforms to determine which are the channels you are going to cover. For instance, you can help clients set up Facebook page and start Facebook ad campaigns. Else, you may decide to focus on Instagram only. Even though you select a particular channel it is still important to have basic idea about the other social media platforms.
  • Read a lot and gather basic idea about how to develop and customize social media marketing strategy, as per each client demand and budget.
  • And last but not the least, you should work out a plan to attract clients to your social media marketing services.

While the competition is indeed fierce in this field, but with a solid plan you can quickly get more clients for your social media marketing agency. This document will walk you through the steps that your social media marketing services business needs to follow to acquire clients with ease. 

1 – Use Social Media Networking to Get More Clients for Your Social Media Marketing Agency

get more clients for social media marketing agency

These days, every business has a social media presence. This makes things easier for social media agencies to find clients on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. 

Marketing experts classify new customer search on social media into two categories. One approach is to use the built-in search feature. You can use Facebook Search or LinkedIn Search to connect with entrepreneurs. The other method is to approach clients by joining Facebook Groups or LinkedIn Groups.

Find Clients on LinkedIn

As a network for businesses and professionals, LinkedIn is a superb place to start B2B marketing at no extra cost. The Social Media Examiner, a US-based media company, suggests using the advanced search feature of LinkedIn.

This feature integrates a range of search criteria, like the company size, location, industry, language, and seniority level. You can save the search criteria for future reference. Thus marketers are relieved from the time-consuming process of filling up the advanced search form every time they initiate a search.

Attract Customers On YouTube

While Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all great platforms to get new clients, you simply can’t ignore Google’s video-sharing website, YouTube! Yes it’s a great channel to connect with new clients, provided you are the smooth talker with a camera-friendly attitude. You can launch a YouTube channel, free of cost, and direct new customers to your social media marketing services. 

2 – Focus on Strategic Partnerships to Promote Your Social Media Marketing Services

Strategic Partnership To Get More Clients for your social media marketing agency

Make a list of  target customers and identify other services (besides social media planning), that they might need. These are the “other” services that you do not offer. 

For instance, clients looking for social media marketing services might  be interested in website designing and development, and SEO. 

What you can do is start a business dialogue with providers of these non-competing services. Try to forge a partnership with them. Work out a proposal based on client exchanges, from which both their businesses and your social media marketing agency will benefit mutually. 

Such a comprehensive business model can become your USP! As you  offer social media marketing services alongside similar solutions from a single point of contact, this  saves time and money for your clients. I am sure, such an approach will definitely help acquire and retain customers.

3 – Optimize Your Business For Local Search 

local SEO helps social media marketing services

According to local SEO stats 2019, around 88% of consumers searching for local businesses decide to visit or make a call within a day. Almost 97% prospective buyers search online to trace a local business. This means your social media marketing agency simply can’t ignore local SEO!

However the task is not so easy. If you don’t have clear idea about how to optimize your social media marketing agency for local SEO, you might end up doing more harm than good.

The process should begin by integrating appropriate keywords into your website homepage, and meta-data. Also you need to carefully compose the webpages for your social media marketing services so that people can easily find your agency. Here you can find few more local SEO tips for assured result.

Integrate a sign-up form to your agency’s website and entice people to fill it up. You can offer a guide or an eBook related to social media marketing to your subscribers.

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4 – Automation is The Key to Nurturing New Leads

If you are serious about securing more customers for your social media marketing agency then you should learn to embrace latest technology. Be it  scheduling posts or creating attractive images and videos, social media automation makes life a lot easier for digital marketers.

Popular  Apps/ Digital Platforms Used By Digital Marketers

If you are the social media consultant who needs to manage multiple accounts then you have to use Buffer or Hootsuite. These tools can help schedule and monitor posts on different social media networks. Buzzsumo is widely used to find out what’s trending on which social media, who is sharing what and where.

If you need to post videos often then Story Slicer app ensures easy editing of videos. Pagemodo is the app to use for creation of attractive visual elements and customized features. And of course, there’s Canva, one of my favorite social media marketing apps. Canva lets you create stunning content to increase fan following on social media. Not to miss, this list of promo video makers!

Constant Contact is a popular e-mail automation software which is available in app form too. It is used by top digital marketers to send automated welcome emails. Constant Contact allows you to schedule emails for future interactions. This provides a great opportunity to schedule a series of scheduled emails to inform subscribers about various social media marketing advantages.

Once they are ready to learn more, you can educate them about various social media marketing services that your  agency offers. In subsequent emails, you can illustrate your expertise in planning a social media marketing strategy that drives business success.

5 – Work Out a Pricing Model That Prospective Clients Can’t Resist!

It is not so easy to convince customers of the compelling values that your social media marketing services offer. The fact is there are so many agencies out there, all claiming to be the best! So, how do you beat the competition and prove your worth to the client?

Here I would explain with a simple example.

Have you ever attempted to check out the features of top performing social media marketing apps, like Buffer, Hootsuite or Sendible? If yes, then you must have noticed their pricing plans. Most of them encourage you to sign-up and enjoy a FREE trial for a limited period. In fact, some of them have Starter plans which you can use for up to a year or so!

You can emulate the same pricing model to encourage users to try your social media marketing services. For instance, you can offer customized services to registered users for a limited period. You can even work out a low-cost Starter plan for small businesses and startups, running on a tight budget.

While designing the pricing model, you should clearly specify what all features and benefits you offer. Also, mention what all social media marketing apps, tools, and resources you are ready to deploy to successfully implement the social media marketing strategy. 

Read this article to know more about the pricing model for social media services.

6 – Add Your Social Media Marketing Agency To Top Online Directories

Run by agency veteran John Doherty, Credo helps businesses find the right marketing partners. 

 Credo aims to solve the trouble that most businesses face while hiring a social media marketing agency or SEO service. The marketplace manually introduces verified vendors to established businesses. Thus it opens up a fantastic avenue for newly launched agencies to work with top brands like Alex and Ani, Atlassian, and The New York Times. 

Few other platforms to consider are Yelp, Angie’s List, Foursquare, SuperPages, ShowMeLocal, YellowBook, YellowPages, etc.

And of course, don’t forget to add your social media marketing agency to GOOGLE MY BUSINESS. It is a sure way to connect with local clients looking for similar services.

7 – Use Word of Mouth Marketing To Explain Social Media Marketing Advantages Offered By Your Agency

word of mouth marketing can help your social media consulting biz

The old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing technique is still one of the most preferred methods to acquire clients.

According to research firm McKinsey, word-of-mouth impacts 20% to 50%  purchasing decisions. A study by Nielsen also reveals that 92 percent of consumers act on word-of-mouth recommendations.

You too can apply word-of-mouth strategy to spread the word about your social media marketing agency. Encourage your existing customers to review your social media marketing services on Twitter, Facebook, and review sites like Yelp. You can request friends and acquaintances to say few favorable words about your agency on their social media pages.

To Conclude

As already mentioned, it is easy to start a social media marketing agency but not so easy to retain long-term clients. Because a lot of your clients expect fast returns on their investment. And the moment they realize this is not going to happen, they may decide to move to the next option.

To avoid such a disastrous situation, you can set up ‘SMART’ goals i.e., Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based goals for your clients. By implementing a ‘SMART’ social media marketing strategy you can provide your clients a complete and transparent picture of the progress.  And this would surely help in building up a long-lasting, trustworthy relation which will ultimately help get more clients for your social media marketing agency!

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