10 Funny Money Making Quotes For A Good Laugh And Some Deep Thinking


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Often in life we draw inspiration from good quotes. Words of wisdom uttered by the great souls help us face stressful situations and challenges, that life regularly throw at us. We draw inspiration from the fact that they themselves have gone through the situation and have emerged the winner; hence their words are precious.

As I was doing my own research about the types of quotes people generally search for, I found categories like life, success, love and money making quotes top the chart. People tend to follow money making quotes of billionaires and famous personalities, perhaps to know what they really think about their ‘accumulated wealth’.


Picking up the top 10 funny money making quotes turned out to be quite a challenging task. As I sat down to prepare the list, I was in a tizzy! There are so many hilarious money making quotes but each of them come with an inherent meaning.

Check out the video where I have narrated some interesting money making quotes with matching pictures. Have a good laugh at the expense of ‘money’! And yes, don’t forget to spread the laughter!!!

If you are still ready for a greater dose of laughter, then I suggest this book How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life. Written by the bold, beautiful and funny (wow, isn’t that a great combo!) Lilly Singh, this book will definitely tickle your funny bone while delivering some meaningful message about success.

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