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Funny Memes About Life You Will Surely Love!

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funny memes about lifeYou must have experienced your share of ups and downs since the pandemic started. Perhaps sometimes you almost felt like giving up. And then you chanced upon some funny memes on life and love and the smile was back on your face!

While we may debate a lot on our over-dependence on social media and messaging apps, but we can’t ignore their ability to uplift our spirit with hilarious memes and graphics. Often these memes on life and love are crafted with utmost creativity and care. Mostly they reflect life’s struggles and challenges and teach us to overcome negativity with a smiling face!

So, let’s take a look at my top collection of funny memes about life and what they actually try to convey! And I have to admit that creating this collection is no easy task 😇 as the social media platforms are flooded with hilarious memes in all shapes, styles, and sizes 🤣. But I have tried to pick some of my favorites. If you too like my selection then spread the laughter by clicking the “Share” button!


One Of the Relevant Funny Memes About Life!

Funny it might sound, but the meme quite clearly conveys a relevant message. Those of us who took life for granted (sleeping!) before 2020, suddenly woke up to realize that life is short and precious. And, inspiring indeed that many decided to make the best use of the time available while working from home. Quite an apt way to tackle the situation, even though the coronavirus wreaked havoc on our lives, right? 

funny memes about life
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Can You Relate To This Funny Meme on Money

I can very much relate to this funny meme about money, can you? 

funny meme on money
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Oops, He Said Something Wrong- But I Love This Funny Meme on Love!

funny memes on life and love
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A Dad’s Reply – One of The Best Funny Memes About Life And Love!

funny meme on parenting
Image source: Pinterest- mydadgenes

I am sure many parents will be able to relate to this cute meme.

So, this meme is dedicated to all those loving parents who sacrifice watching “The Witcher” or “The Spy” and settle for the feisty Moana! 💃🚣‍♀️

When You Decided to Bunk The School and All Exciting Things Happened on That Day!

Image Source: quotationsquotes

We all had such moments of desperation. isn’t it! You decided not to go to school and the next day your friends excitedly chat about a surprise treat by the class teacher or a magic show which you always wanted to watch!

Wow ! This is Quite a Meaningful Meme!

meme about life

Hope you get the true meaning of this meme. However many would debate if a fully charged phone at the end of the day signifes a life without friends and family!

And The Husband Is 👨- Undoubtedly One of the Best Funny Memes On Life and Love !

Image source: Thuglifememe

If you are the married woman can’t see anything funny in this meme, then sorry, I really have no intention to offend you. It is just a meme and you are the adorable one ! 👩‍🦰👸

Do You Agree to This Compatibility Test ?? 💑


One of the meaningful yet funny memes on life and love, it tells you that a successful marriage is all about patience and compromise! Correct me if I am wrong 💐.

Can’t Agree More !! – One of The Meaningful Memes on Life And Love

Image Source:

Such an apt quote about life, which tells you to have the freedom to chose who you want in your life and who to throw out.

Till Death Do Us Part or … 😄

Make Happy Whole Life

Dig deeper, and there’s more love and naughtiness in this meme !!

And He Always Makes Sense Which is Why I Love His Memes on Life and Love

quotes from GOT
Image Source: BoomTown

Might not be a funny meme, but this quote is quite a meaningful one with life’s lesson. And coming from one of my favorite Game of Thrones characters, I can’t resist sharing it.

That’s The Story of Every Household (Almost Every 😄🤷‍♀️)

funny memes on life and love
Image source: sizzle

She is perfectly okay with her instructions, if the hubby fails to understand, that’s his problem !

Definitely Something We All Can Relate To 👨‍🏫

Image source:

The clock ticks at its own pace but it is our mind which plays the trick!

All the Single Free-Spirited Souls Out There- This is One Of the Apt Funny Memes on Life And Love For You😍

funny memes on love

Guess, the meme is self-explanatory, do I need to say more!

Raise Your Hands (or Legs!!) If You Experience The Same Every Morning 😅

funny morning meme
Image Source: ItMemes

Definitely, it feels like this when you are getting late for a meeting and your sock is nowhere to be seen!

You are Lucky if It Is The Othe Way Round!

meme about life struggle
Image source:

And, Here Comes The Last One From My Favorite FRIENDS

FRIENDS meme funny
Image source:

The F.R.I.E.N.Ds are the adorable lot who love, laugh, fight, and yet decide to be there for each other always!

Hope you enjoyed checking out my list of funny memes on life and love. In case you are in a mood for more laughter, here are some funny money making quotes to check out.


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