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5 Amazing Places to Find Blog Content Ideas In Minutes – For Free!

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The blank computer is staring right back at you, teasing you to write something you have never written before! Actually, your fingers are itching to fly across the keyboard and yet those great blog post ideas are still eluding you. Yes, it can be frustrating when you realize that you have spent the entire day trying to find blog content ideas without much success!

places to find blog content ideas

Ask any expert blogger how they can consistently find new blog post ideas to engage the audience, and the common answer you will get from all is that they know what their audience WANTS. 

So, yes, rather than asking yourself what should I blog about,  try to find an answer to this question, “What is my reader’s choice? What do they like to read while visiting my blog?”

Let’s assume you already know the answer and yet you may face difficulty researching blog post ideas in your particular field. This is when you need to look around. And trust me there are amazing places where you can quickly (sometimes in less than 5 minutes!) find your next blog post idea. 

So, let’s head straight to those amazing places to find blog content ideas that are trending and loved by Google as well. 

Join Quora Spaces to Find Blog Content Ideas Quickly

Join Quora Spaces to Find Blog Content Ideas Quickly

By now, you must have heard about Quora, a great platform where people exchange useful information by asking questions and writing answers. However, Quora Spaces have now become the talk of the town.

Actually, Quora Spaces make it a bit easier for users to find answers related to specific topics or areas of interest.

This is how Quora explains the “Spaces” feature, 

Quora’s new Spaces feature allows you to curate collections and form communities around shared interests.

Let me explain. Suppose your blog covers topics like digital marketing and SEO. What you can do, is join relevant Quora Spaces or communities where people clear their doubts about digital marketing, based on a wide range of answers provided by the subject experts. The fact that specific spaces are joined by like-minded people only thus it becomes easier to get in-depth answers to any question. 

Thus, Quora Spaces can be the perfect destination to find blog content ideas as you get to know exactly what types of queries people have related to your particular blog topic. 

Still, confused about Quora spaces? Find some helpful answers here

Instagram Posts and Videos are Great Ways to Find Unique Blog Ideas

Instagram Posts and Videos are Great Ways to Find Unique Blog Ideas

Ok, I understand, you have been following and liking every post of that pretty little thing or that handsome boy for long! Now, let’s get back to business and talk about your blog.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Instagram carousels, images, and live videos can lead you to some interesting and high demand blog topics. But before you do that, make sure you have already chosen a niche for your blog. Now start following Instagrammers who are posting content about your particular topic. Take note of the type of engagement (e.g. likes, comments, etc.) they are getting from these posts.

For instance, this interesting carousel tells you how to increase engagement. So, if your blog is about digital marketing or business growth, you can quickly get some valuable tips from the carousel and then draft the article in your own way. 

Also, keep a watch on the comments section where visitors sometimes put up queries or add valuable information. All these can be compiled into an interesting blog post. 

Get Best Blogging Ideas for Future Posts From Your Already Published Popular Blog Posts

How do I get blogging ideas for future posts?

The answer lies in the Google Search Console of your running blog. 

Simply open Google Search Console and click on the Search Results icon on the left-hand side, under the Performance category. It will show the table containing Query, Clicks, and Impression. The table tells you precisely which are the blog posts, getting the maximum impression, and clicks. 

Let me explain with an example. Suppose you have written an article about “social media marketing tips for small business” which according to Google search console is getting maximum clicks. Accordingly, you can plan your next post related to this topic, e.g. social media marketing plan for small business or social media marketing costs for small businesses. 

You can internally link your new blog post to the original article. This means those who are coming to read your original article about “social media marketing tips for small business” are most likely to click on your freshly published content too. 

Get Unique Blog Post Ideas From Newsletters of Your Favorite Bloggers in Your Niche

If you are the new blogger wondering how to get content for a blog, then this is one simple thing you can do right now!

Once you finalize the blog niche, do a little bit of research. Make a list of the top-performing blogs related to your area of interest. Even a simple google search like “top 100 blogs” or “top 100 bloggers” will do.

Now the next thing you need to do is subscribe to their newsletters. Yes, it’s quick and free! And how it can help find blog content ideas?

Well, the top bloggers and digital marketers make extra effort to plan their newsletters in an interesting manner. Besides sharing links to their latest blog posts, most newsletters offer expert tips and hints, latest industry trends, their personal stories and experience, Infographics, reviews, and more. Some even answer interesting questions from readers. 

You can easily compile the information and turn it into an informative blog post. And yes, if you are sharing opinions or tips of others, make sure you give them their due credit. 


Try Pinterest For Trending and Popular Blog Topics

Try Pinterest For Trending and Popular Blog Topics

This visually appealing platform can be a treasure trove for new bloggers looking for popular blog topics. 

Start by following topics of your choice on Pinterest. This way you get notified whenever new Pins are created on those topics. As you click on those attractive Pins, you get directed to the original blog post. If that post displays social media share counts, you can get an idea of whether the post is liked and shared by the audience and on which platforms. 

Now you can plan your next blog post but don’t just rewrite the original content. It is always suggested that you get the blog post idea from Pinterest, but add your own touch to make the content unique and SEO-friendly. 

The other way to get blog post ideas on Pinterest is by giving a direct search. Click on the search icon and key in a broad topic related to your blog. Let’s assume, you are planning to write a blog post about home decor. As you search for “home decor”, Pinterest provides you a range of long-tail keywords to consider, e.g. home decor ideas living room, home decor ideas DIY, home decor ideas bedroom, and so on.

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To Sum It Up

Now that you know how to find blog content ideas in 5 minutes, it’s time to give these a try! I do suggest that you pick up one or two platforms, to begin with. Explore the platform and do your own research to find out popular blog topics that are loved by the audience. As you learn the trick, you will realize how easy it is to make money from blogging!


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