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Facebook Post Ideas For Business – 20 Effective Tips That Drive Engagement

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If you are running a small business or planning to start one, then by now you must have realized that social media plays a key role in fast-tracking business growth.  And talk of social media, Facebook still dominates the landscape. So, it has become absolutely necessary to get more Facebook likes and shares, to improve the online visibility of your new business. To make the task easier for you, here I share 10 effective Facebook post ideas for business.

Facebook post ideas for business

But before I reveal the tips, here I would like to mention a few overlooked rules about sharing posts on Facebook. 

  • The purpose of starting a Facebook business page is to engage in meaningful conversations with your fans and followers. So, don’t treat your business page as a one-way communication channel.
  • Make sure your posts look authentic and real. Be responsible about your shares because these will ultimately help boost or break your brand image.
  • Try to post regularly. Else try to follow a schedule so that your followers know when to expect a video or an informative post from you.
  • When you are making an effort to grow your business on Facebook, it’s better to stay away from controversial topics.
  • Don’t overthink, just create to keep your business page active! 

20 Facebook Post Ideas For Business

Create an Imaginary Problem/Situation And Ask For A Solution / Response

You might have heard questions like “What will you do or what are the three necessary items will you need if you get stranded on a deserted island?” Now, you can change this question to fit your specific product/service. Let’s assume you sell handmade gift items. So, you can come up with a question like this, “Which three special gift items will you buy for your wife if you forget your first wedding anniversary?”

What Would You Do If You Win a Lottery of a Million Dollar? – One of The Creative Facebook Post Ideas For Likes

Definitely, we all love this idea of waking up to a million-dollar in our bank account! So, you can plan a Facebook post with this hypothetical question but make sure, the question is somewhat related to your business. For instance, you run a travel agency, the name of which starts with the letter ‘M’. So you can craft a question like this, “If you win million dollars in a lottery, which are the three top places (starting with the letter ‘M’) would you like to visit? 

What are The Products/ Services You Can’t Do Without – One of The Popular Facebook Post Ideas For Business

This question is quite popular among social media marketers and influencers. And there’s no reason to say why! Because you can easily and smartly connect your small business to such a question. Let’s assume you sell beauty and wellness products. So you can ask your fans and followers to reveal their must-have beauty and wellness products. Your Facebook post can look like this, “I can’t leave home without …. ” , or “My daily wellness routine is incomplete without …”


Share Uncommon/ Little known Information Related to Your Business

Wondering how to make your Facebook posts look professional? Then try this great trick to grow your Facebook follower base. Devote time to dig up some little-known information that is specifically related to your business niche. And then you can create an engaging post about it. However, make sure this information is not widely available. If your shared information is indeed unique and useful, people will definitely keep coming back for more and also share it to spread the word. 

For instance, if you run a travel agency business, you can share interesting information about little-known tourist spots. Or you can pick up a certain country and talk about their unique culture, food habits, etc.

Publish Original Pictures and Not Stock Photos – One of The Easy Facebook Post Ideas For Business

Whatever your business is, you can click some pictures and share them on social media. You need not always post pictures of beautiful locations or beautiful people. Rather you can try a cozy picture of your office interior, or, a collage of your office staff. To make the picture more prominent, publish it as the main content in the body of the post. 

Run a Poll 

Facebook  presents this fantastic option to run a poll by adding attractive images. Make sure you plan the poll in an uncomplicated manner, preferably with “Yes” and “No” choices. 

Guess The Products – One of The Popular Facebook Post Ideas For Beauty Business

Guess the look or the products used to create the look- this is one of the popular Instagram post ideas for makeup artists. However, it works on Facebook too. 

Suppose you offer beauty treatment and makeup services. You can post the picture of your model and ask the audience to guess which eye shadow or lipstick shade has been used to do the makeup. 

Seek Suggestions For Improvement

If you are scratching your head for an appropriate answer to the question, “what should I post for my business”, then here’s the answer. Simply let your fans decide how to improve your business. Sounds vague? Let me explain.

Coming back to the travel business, let’s assume you are planning to introduce a few winter packages for solo female travelers. So, ask them, which are the places they prefer to visit, what types of packages they can afford, and so on. 

Ask for a Caption

One popular trick that digital marketers often use to boost engagement is to post an image and ask people to suggest a suitable caption. If your image is an attractive one, you can easily expect at least 50-100 responses to such posts. 

Share Community Content From Facebook Groups That You Have Joined

What should I post for my business when I am too busy to create something on my own? The answer is simple! You can explore the Facebook groups which you have joined. Look for interesting posts of other group members and simply click the “share” button. You can re-share suitable FB posts of your fans and followers also.

Schedule Some Fun Content For Weekend Posting

People love humorous content, e.g. memes, cartoons, fun video, etc. So give them what they want and your posts will surely get more likes and shares. Even better if you can share original memes and cartoons created by you or your team. There are many meme makers online, available for free online. Pick up the one which you find easy to use. 

Talk about your Idol or Mentor

Do you have a mentor who encouraged you to start the business? Who is your idol, and why? What types of challenges have they faced  in life? You can always share such inspiring thoughts and facts with your followers.

Celebrate Your Special Days With Your Followers

One of the innovative ways to celebrate your special days on Facebook is by sharing relevant pictures from your childhood. Along with it, you can share a few interesting tidbits about that special day, be it a birthday celebration or an annual event at school. Even better if you can tag a few people who are present in the picture.

Announce a Promotional Offer/Freebie/Special Day Discount – One of the Popular Facebook Post Ideas For Business

Are you planning to announce a promotional offer or a freebie? Then use your Facebook business page to publicize the offer. Any post that contains words like “free”, “discount” or “best buy” is bound to drive engagement faster than any normal post!

Create and Share Short Videos

Facebook posts containing videos are known to perform far better than posts containing only text. And you need not be an expert video creator or editor to make short videos for FB. You can create a 15-seconds micro-video about any topic directly/indirectly related to your business.

Let’s say you sell fitness products online. So, you can create micro-videos to share quick fitness tips. Make sure your micro-video content is innovative and engaging enough to capture viewers’ attention.

Share your Business Blog Posts

Of course, this is one of the most common Facebook post ideas for businesses. If you have recently posted an article in your business blog, then share it on Facebook. While sharing the link, you should add some text with a call-to-action that encourages people to click.

For instance, you can add a text like this, “please read the article, and I am sure you will find tip number 5 as the most amazing one”. This strategy often works!

Share Your Achievements on FB

It’s okay to blow your own trumpet, occasionally! Maybe your business story is recently published in a leading magazine. Or, perhaps you have been invited to speak at an important business conference. Don’t be shy to post such business achievements on Facebook.

Create a Post for Employee of the Month

Even if you are running a small business with limited employees, you can always acknowledge their contributions to your business growth. So, you can schedule a monthly post to highlight the achievements of a particular employee/freelancer. It is one of the employee appreciation ideas that adds a humane touch to your business.

Share Holiday Pictures With Family

Have you recently taken a holiday with your family? Perhaps your pet accompanied you too? Oh, that’s a fantastic opportunity to grab the eyeballs of your audience.

And, of course, you can smartly mix business with pleasure by flaunting your products in these colorful pics. Let’s assume you sell summer wear for women. Then make sure to click a few vacation pics, flaunting colorful summer dresses from  your collection. Share those pics and then wait for audience response/comments. 

A Thank You Post – One of the Touching Facebook Post Ideas for Business

You can put up a Thank You post for your followers after successfully reaching a business milestone. For instance, it is very common to express gratitude to buyers after a mega-sale event .And then, remember, you don’t always need a special occasion or day to say a “Thank you” to your followers.


Now that you have read all the effective Facebook post ideas for business, it’s time to take a prudent decision. As a small business owner you might not be able to devote enough time or money to apply all these tips. So, shortlist a few of these FB post ideas for business, implement them and wait for at least 5-6 months for the result. 


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