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Digital Health Apps: 10 Ways How They Can Become An Everyday Presence in Covid-19 Pandemic!

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With work from home, and rising COVID-19 cases, life is changing in unexpected ways. From grocery and alcohol to health and wellness, digital health solutions are becoming the answer to people’s needs. In addition to convenience, these digital solutions are the need of the hour.

Digital Health Apps and COVID-19 - Blog image

Especially for the healthcare sector, resources are being redirected to meet the demands of COVID-19, and digital health solutions can effectively assist the sector in a multitude of ways.


While some of these benefits were already in existence, they’ve been more accepted and utilized during the current lockdown. There are also some aspects of digital healthcare that are specifically assisting in dealing with COVID-19.

The positive features of digital health apps being realized during these times are:

Monitor Important Vitals – One Key Reason to Have a Digital Health App

For chronic ailment patients, consistent tracking is the best way to keep tabs on their health. This can also assist doctors in staying updated about how a patient is faring with the recommended treatment. Even with youngsters who are still health-conscious, healthcare apps can be used to monitor their vitals and better understand any need for concern. 

Stay Up-to-Date With Routine Care

If you’re someone who likes to stay alert about your health and goes in for routine visits, now is the only time you should avoid it. Rather than going in for a checkup, or visiting your doctors’ office, healthcare apps can be used to get in touch with your doctor.

Use video consultation features to talk to your doctors and update them on your vitals, symptoms, and such. A large time of routine visits are spent on answering questions, and this can be achieved just as effectively, by remote consultation.


Improve Diet And Exercise

If you’re spending all your time at home, you might as well start developing a healthy lifestyle. This is the thought that a lot of people are having and health apps that feature diets and at-home exercises can be your best ally in this pursuit.

With options for personalization and even motivating features, they can help you figure out realistic timelines to meet your fitness goals and improve your overall health in the long run.

Maximize Doctors’ Time -An Important Reason to Get a Digital Health Solution!

Help Prevent Cross Infection - The Most Relevant Reason to Have Digital Health Apps!

With all their time and energy going towards COVID-19 and its effects, doctors are increasingly turning to healthcare apps. These can assist them in monitoring their patients, intervening where needed to prevent hospitalizations, and even remotely consult with needed patients with increased time flexibility.

Stay Consistent With Treatment

For patients that are having a hard time staying consistent with their medications and recommended lifestyle changes, healthcare apps can go a long way in assisting them. The apps can provide users with reminders as well as educate them on the importance of increasing their treatment adherence in order to get better outcomes.

Order Medicines and Lab Tests

Chances are that you’ve become comfortable with shopping online for a number of things from clothes to even groceries. With the help of health apps that have a pharmacy feature, you can get medicines delivered to your doorstep and even have lab test samples collected. Doing this can help you avoid the travel and crowd. After all, buying medicines shouldn’t put your health in jeopardy.

Personalized Care Is Also Possible With Digital Health App

People still continue to be skeptical about healthcare apps, for the lack of personalization. But consistent use of healthcare apps can help you just as much as a personal doctor can. When used regularly, healthcare apps can create insights into your vitals, from blood glucose and pressure to your symptoms and moods, which can give a personalized experience.

Even better, add your trusted doctor to your healthcare app, so that they can use the insights provided by the app to treat you better.


Store Healthcare Data

Gone are the days of paper reports and prescriptions. With social distancing becoming the new normal, it’s time to switch over to digital reports for all your healthcare needs. Hospitals and doctors are increasingly preferring the use of these and your trusted healthcare app can be your digital repository. This can simplify your healthcare experience as your data will be stored centrally, and accessed by all your doctors.

While the above points were pre-existing, there are some specific features of digital healthcare that are assisting in fighting against COVID-19. These are:

Help Prevent Cross Infection – The Most Relevant Reason to Have Digital Health Apps!

maximize doctor time with digital healthcare solution

Digital health can provide support to the COVID-19 frontline workers in a number of ways. On one hand, quarantined patients, or those with mild cases of COVID-19 have been able to get follow-up care while remaining in isolation by using video consultation.

More patients using healthcare apps to take care of themselves also prevent the chance of crowding at hospitals and preventing further infections for patients as well as workers. The preventive measures provided by these apps can also clear up hospital beds, making more space for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

Maximize Resources for Hospitals

As the number of cases continues to rise, most hospitals are facing a loss in revenue, and their resources are being squeezed to their limits. But with the help of healthcare apps, doctors’ times are maximized.

A lesser number of in-person appointments means there is less need for protective equipment. And best of all, digital health makes it possible for people from farther away to consult with doctors at reputed hospitals. This can support the hospital in growing and gaining more revenue, even while dealing with COVID-19.

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To Conclude

COVID-19 has brought about a complete cultural shift in how people interact with healthcare. It has made digital platforms more common and this can lead to better outcomes for everyone. While this pandemic is definitely a huge problem, it is also fast-tracking growth for healthcare and putting the focus back on individuals taking charge of their health and paying attention to their body, every day.


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