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20 Creative Ways To Make Money Doing the Thing You Love The Most!

Small Business Ideas

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Looking for some creative ways to make money? Then we have 20 really simple and profitable art and craft ideas that can quickly earn profit for you!

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can!” If this quote of Arthur Ashe encourages you to pursue your entrepreneurial dream then this article is for you! Here I am going to narrate some creative ways to make money without giving up your 9-to-5 job.


You can take your pick from any of these 20 creative business ideas  to earn extra money based on own skill, knowledge and resources.

Start on a small scale by selling your products on Etsy or Amazon. And as your business starts growing, you can launch own e-commerce store to ensure a steady income from your creativity!

[Updated on 4th Jan 2020]

So, here we go…

Handmade Designer Clothing Items – One of The Popular Creative Ways to Make Money in 2020!

creative tsirt idea to make money
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Handmade clothing items, especially for kids and babies, are extremely popular fast-moving items on platforms like Etsy.

To start this business, you need to have some idea about embroidery, sewing, designing and painting.

What Types of Handmade Clothing Items are In Demand?

Items which you can consider selling in the handmade clothing category are designer T-shirts, scarves, hats, frocks, etc.

You must have noticed the latest trend in handmade clothing category.

Buyers often look for customized t-shirts or dresses with  motivational quotes, sporting declaration, memes, cartoon figures or trending topics printed on them. 

It is expected that personalized clothing items will be in high demand in 2020. So, if you are serious about this creative business idea to earn extra money then you can check out print on-demand dropshipping platforms like printful.

Specialty Belt Buckles – A Profitable Thing to Sell on Etsy

earn extra money by selling buckle

This is one of the low-cost creative business ideas to earn extra money!

You can start this business with an initial investment of around $3,000.

This Etsy- favorite creative business promises sensational profit.

To monetize your efforts, make sure the buckle designs are one of a kind. Also ensure the product gets maximum exposure on various social media channels. You can particularly focus on Instagram to grow your brand quickly.

To start producing personalized belt buckles, you can source recyclable materials like glass or metal.

By utilizing recyclable materials you can lower the production cost and also establish yourself as a socially conscious entrepreneur.

Custom Jewelry – The Latest Craze Among All Age Groups!

custom jewelry - a profitable thing to sell on etsy

Custom jewelry pieces dictate the fashion trend these days. This has encouraged creative individuals to focus on designing customized jewelry items and make money out of it.

Attractive items like bracelets, earrings, watch, pendants, and lucky charms can help earn quick buck without giving up your full-time job.

The best thing about custom jewelry is that you can sell your creativity on the online platform, as well as through offline channels, such as craft fairs or local jewelry stores. Though customized jewelry is always in demand, you should do own research to find the niche market and target audience.

Handmade Soaps- Cause Buyers Are Picking Up Organic Products!

Make money online by selling natural-soap

Handmade soaps suit all skin types, and thus have become great alternatives to conventional soaps. In fact handmade organic soaps are in demand like never before!

Buyers browse e-commerce platforms like Etsy  and Amazon to buy organic body soaps.

Natural ingredients minimize the production cost. And these soaps sell pretty fast thus facilitating high turnover and profits.

How to start an organic soap making business? Learn it here.

Handmade Baskets – One Of The Easy Creative Ways to Make Money

handmade baskets - one of the creative ways to make money!

Custom baskets are a huge craze. If you have the necessary skill, you can start manufacturing beautiful baskets to earn extra from your hobby.

From wire to rattan, from paper to cotton, you can use any material to create fancy baskets.

People love to buy such baskets for beautifying their homes and offices. You can sell your handmade baskets on Etsy or Amazon. Else if fund permits, you can start own e-commerce store, to sell handmade baskets.

Designer Bed Sheet Sets – Quick Selling Items

The market for designer bed sheet sets is expanding at a rapid pace. There’s huge demand for bedding sets which are

  • embroidered
  • hand-painted
  • block printed
  • hand dye.

If you are proud of your artistic ability, then make the most of this high-demand creative business idea to earn extra money.

Use organic materials to heighten the appeal and price of your products.

Now coming to the selling part, although you can sell your bed sheet sets offline, an e-commerce store, however, will help you explore the huge market globally.

Handmade, Designer Bags – Purchased For Fancy & Daily Use!

handmade designer bags to sell and make money

Uniquely designed handmade bags have witnessed phenomenal growth over the past few years. More and more women, and even men, are using designer bags to amplify their style statement. Although the market is vast, you have to infuse diversity to see your bags selling fast.

Consider loading your e-store with varieties like

  • party bags,
  • executive bags,
  • traveling bags,
  • sling bags, and
  • women’s handbags.

These days, many people are using jute bags, as these  are light, durable, attractive, and eco-friendly. Demand for paper bags are on the rise too.

Add decorated jute and paper bags to your catalogue and see how your products start selling fast.

Hand-Painted Card – A Preferred Choice of Individuals and Corporate Houses

Hand-painted cards, even in this digital age, have a strong market demand because of the exclusive tag attached to it.

You can choose to craft cards for Christmas, New Year, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day…oh, there’s really no dearth of special days and occasions!


Card painting business presents unlimited possibilities. All you need is enough creative skill to design attractive and trendy cards.

Once you launch this lucrative business and set the ball rolling, you can decide whether to sell them at wholesale price to local retailers or sell them on Etsy or any other online platform.

Designer Pillows – The Demand is on the Rise

creative pillow cover
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If you are looking for money-making things to sell on Etsy then consider this item. Etsy claims that decorative pillow is one of the most popular and fast-moving items in it’s portal!

So if  you feel you have enough skill to turn your sewing machine into a profit-making tool, then get into the business of making designer pillows and earn extra money in your spare time.

You can introduce standard themes and designs, or offer personalized pillows, designed to suit your customers’ style and need.

Printed Designer Mugs – The All-Time Favorite Gift Item

sell printed mugs to make money
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Mug printing is one of the trending creative businesses which many have started to earn quick money.

What’s fascinating about this business is that it enables you to cater to different types of clients. This is because printed mugs are purchased by individuals, hotels, restaurants, offices, and coffee shops and for a multitude of purposes.

You can market your printed mugs personally, or list them on websites like Big Cartel.

Online Bridal Store – One of the Recession Proof Creative Business Ideas to Earn Extra Money!

Wedding is one such special event when people don’t mind splurging even if the economy is sluggish.

This in turn means, if you can open an online bridal store, you will get buyers throughout the year.

An online bridal store is a profitable venture. But to run this retail business, you need loads of creativity, some investment and additional manpower too.

start a bridal store - one of the attractive creative business ideas to earn extra money

Since options are endless, you need to carefully decide what all items you plan to sell online. Do you plan to sell bridal dresses only or include bridal accessories too?

If you don’t have adequate fund to launch a full-fledged bridal store, you can  consider starting a silk flower arrangement business for wedding, and related events.

Decorative Candles –  One of The Easiest Ways to Earn Money Selling on Etsy!

Gone are those days when people used candles for religious ceremonies or for domestic purposes.  Now, designer candles have become beautiful decorative pieces that are used to amplify the room ambiance.

This is why the demand for scented and decorative candles is on the rise globally.

If you have requisite knowledge, start this business from home. List your products on marketplace like Handmade at Amazon to earn money online.

Party Items – For Every Occasion

party items to sell on Etsy

Parties and celebration have now become a part of modern lifestyle. This is the reason why party decoration items are in high demand now.

People now prefer to browse online, check out a multitude of colorful options and pick up the right decorative pieces matching their party theme.

As a creative individual with entrepreneurial mindset, you can make the most of this situation by launching an e-commerce store that sells exclusive party items.

However, a detailed planning is necessary to start this business. You need to decide what types of party props and supplies you plan to sell. Do you want to focus on kids’ parties only or ready to cater to festivals and other events?

To entice buyers, you should be prepared to offer exclusively designed and personalized products, matching the theme of a particular event.

Picture Frames – Cost Effective Way to Start a Creative Business

Beautifully framed photographs of friends, and near ones, is an integral part of home decoration, isn’t it? This is the reason why conventional black, white and silver frame have made way for exclusively designed colorful frames.

customized picture frame- one of the great creative business ideas to make money
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Why not make the most of this opportunity?

Start creating unique picture frames, and use a platform like Zibbet to reach prospective buyers.

Wall Art – One of The Innovative Business Ideas to Showcase Creativity

Start decorative_wall art business
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Printable wall art has become a part of home décor, especially for those who prefer minimal look for their home.

These wall arts or wallpapers can make a room look elegant and fresh.

The only skill you need to make money selling printable wall art is proficiency in Adobe Illustrator or Canva. Use your design skills to reach customers planning to redecorate their homes and offices. 

Designer Buttons – Easy to Start Creative Business

Exclusively designed button is one of the most popular items sold extensively on marketplaces like Etsy.

Trendy buttons, made of raw materials, like glass, seashells, metal, or wood sell fast, and in large quantities.

So what are you waiting for? Create stunning custom buttons and start selling.

Wine Rack – Definitely a Popular Business Ideas For the Creative Folks!

wine racks- one of the creative ways to make good money

Experts say with certainty that starting this business is easy for anyone with elementary woodworking skill.

Besides wood, you can also use materials like metal to build wine racks.

There are other choices too, like recycled materials, scrap metal, etc. These can bring your production cost down while giving your product a unique look.

Once you come up with a few stylish wine racks, you can sell them on Etsy or Art Fire.

Hand-Knitted Products – One of The Unique Business Ideas Whose Demand is Always There!

handknitted products - one of the unique business ideas to consider now

You simply need yarns, knitting needles, and a creative mind to make extra money, selling hand-knitted products from home.

Hand-woven products that sell faster on online marketplaces are sweaters, woolen garments, scarves, and stuffed toys.

If you have necessary skill, join this fast-expanding market and earn extra money, the way you like!

Organic Cosmetics – Assure Quick Profit

Food, clothes, accessories, cosmetics, anything that is organic is a rage these days. However, the demand for organic cosmetics is skyrocketing, simply because they do not contain chemicals and toxic substances that cause side effects.

Organic cosmetics are enabling sellers from all over the world to make a lot of money. If you want to earn extra money too, then consider selling organic cosmetics. Either you can launch own organic e-store or use any established e-commerce platform to sell your products.

Painted Pots – An Exclusive Business Idea For Artists!

Selling hand-painted, one-of-a-kind plant pots is a unique green business idea which can help you earn good money.


If you have a passion for innovation, and an artistic flair, then use your creativity to make money selling beautiful clay flowerpots.

Hand-painted gardening pots with interesting themes and colorful designs are nowadays selling  really fast on Etsy. Therefore it is indeed one of the low-cost business ideas for artists to make money the hassle-free way!


If you want to try any of these creative business ideas to earn extra money, then proceed carefully. Do own research to find out commercial potential of your business venture.  Focus on a few selected items and be patient. Remember, every business takes its own time before it starts minting money!

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