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Creative Employee Appreciation Ideas To Make Your Staff Feel Special!

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Last year-end, St. John Properties, one of the top real estate firms located in the Mid-Atlantic, announed $10 million bonus. The money was distributed to 198 employees of the firm. This announcement left its employees awestruck, while many definted the moment as a “life-changing” one. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most expensive yet creative employee appreciation ideas. However it might not sound quite practical to business owners running a small or mid-sized venture.

So what are the most appropriate creative employee appreciation ideas which don’t need you to spend huge money? Trust me, there are many ways to be creative, when you want to say “Thank you” to your staff!

But before that, here are some interesting facts that emphasize the importance of creative employee appreciation ideas. According to statistics shared by Proofhub portal,

  • More than 55% of employees believe that leaders can boost employee engagement by recognizing employee contribution.
  • Approx. 68% of employees don’t mind working harder provided they feel that their efforts are appropriately appreciated.
  • Almost 30% of employees won’t leave the organization voluntarily provided it has an employee recognition program.
  • 50% of employees confirm that when their managers thanked them for their performance, it actually helps improve relationship with the top management of the company.

So, let’s start with my list of creative employee appreciation ideas.

Say it With Food – One of the Yummy Creative Employee Appreciation Ideas Which Everyone Loves!

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Plan a surprise lunch with employees. Even better if you can plan it outside. The nearest food joint or cafe will do. Make sure that you don’t discuss business. Rather you can have a lively conversation with your employees to know more about their hobbies, and past-time. If they reveal some of their after-office activities, listen with an open-mind, and don’t be judgemental!

Acknowledge Employee Contribution at an Important Event

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May be it is the company board meeting, monthly newsletter or social media posts, use every opportunity to acknowledge special achievement of employees. You can maintain a weekly schedule to announce the performer and then highlight him/her on social media or newsletter.

Call it a Day- Perhaps the Most-Loved Creative Employee Appreciation Ideas

If you feel your employees are working too hard for a project, then surprise them by announcing an early departure. Also, if they are staying late for a project, then allow, may be an hour or so, late arrival. These little gestures are remembered long.

Reverse the Role- One of The Creative Ways to Appreciate Your Employees!

Let them don the boss’s hat while you roll up sleeves to run errands for a day! Definitely one of the unique creative employee appreciation ideas which is I am sure will bring a lot of fun to the daily office routine.

Gift a Book Which Teaches About Failure and Success

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Do you feel some of your employees are going through a tough situation, may be career-wise or on the home-front? Then motivate them by gifting a book about success which talks about the importance of failure to reach life’s goal. Such a thoughtful gift is a great way to say that you do care for them!

Plan a Pet-Friendly Day

plan a pet day

Many big organizations like Google and Amazon started this dog-friendly trend. And now smaller organizations are following in their footsteps to add warmth and playfulness to the workplace. If you love your canine friend, so do your employees, then plan a “dog’s day out” at your office and enjoy the cheerful ambiance!

Gift a Work-From-Home Day

Yes, people love it, especially new moms who are not very comfortable leaving the infant at home with a nanny. You can let them work from home, may be weekly once or twice. This is an easy employee appreciation idea which assures that you understand their situation and appreciate their dedication.

Know Their Interests and Plan The Gift For Special Days

If you know that one of your employees loves to paint then you can gift her a professional drawing kit on her birthday. Or for your music lover employees, you can plan creative gifts like musical coaster set , music pillar candle, music lyrics paperweight or coffee mug, etc. Be creative with your gift ideas. And they will love it!

Change Your Office Address For a Day – One of The Creative Employee Appreciation Ideas To Boost Productivity the Cheerful Way!

work outside office - one of the creative employee appreciation ideas

Oh no, I am not suggesting changing your office address for real! The idea is to organize a workday outside the office. You can plan the off-site office at any convenient place, e.g. a nearby cafe, convention centre, or a co-working space. Make sure the place has Wi-fi connection because this is what you will need to work off-site. Inform your employees about the venue and  am sure most of them will report off-site before time!

Watch this video for more creative employee appreciation ideas.

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    To Conclude

    Creative employee appreciation ideas are definitely not about offering a hike or monetary rewards. Sometimes simple gesture of thanks and gratitude can help lift employees’ spirits and encourage them to deliver their best. Hpwever when it comes to recognizing your employees’ performance, don’t just follow a list. Try the tactic which you feel works best for your staff and make it really meaningful for them!

    Ref: Employee appreciation statistics

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