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Content Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents to Grow Your Business During a Crisis!

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content-marketing real estateAre you a real estate agent looking for ways to grow your business in this crisis period? Then you need to check out these effective content marketing tips for real estate agents. They have already worked for many and will surely work for you too!  




Wondering why content marketing? Because it is undoubtedly a cheap and effective way to reach out to your target audience. 

Those who are not aware of what exactly is content marketing, here’s a brief explanation.

Content marketing is basically a marketing strategy whereby you reach out to your target market, by offering relevant information. 

Let me explain with an example. Suppose you are the real estate agent who covers cities near San Francisco and there’s a buyer looking for a suitable property in the same location. Maybe he is interested to know about the ‘best San Francisco neighborhoods to live”. Now if you have a blog post or video that covers this specific topic, you can quickly get noticed by this buyer. 

content marketing tips for real estate agents

Before I share the effective content marketing tips for real estate agents, you may want to why it is so important. Here are the reasons, why content marketing for real estate shouldn’t be ignored. 

Why Do You Need To Explore Content Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents?

Here are four definite reasons which will encourage a newbie real estate agent to focus more on content marketing.

A Content Marketing Strategy Helps Easily Grow Your Website’s Organic Traffic

You have just launched your real estate website and wondering how to rank it higher on Google for a specific search? Well, you can easily get the desired result with a content marketing plan.

If your website serves well-researched content that people are looking for about a specific city or locality, then your site will quickly rank for those particular searches.

Let’s get back to the example I cited in the beginning. Suppose your potential buyers want to know more about the “best San Francisco neighborhoods to live” or “Haight Ashbury luxury homes”. If your content offers some really exclusive information about these topics, then it will start ranking higher on search engines. And this will help skyrocket your organic traffic, without spending money on paid advertising. Great, isn’t it? 

Your Content Has a Timeless Appeal Unlike Traditional Marketing Methods

If you have already tried the conventional marketing methods for real estate business, then by now you know they all work for a limited time period. Be it organizing open houses, putting up sale signs, or advertising on radio, TV, etc, you can’t do these types of advertising for an unlimited period. Also, you can reach out to a limited audience only with such marketing.

However, an effective content marketing strategy can reach audiences beyond a defined territory and that too with lesser effort. A good piece of content starts working for you since the time you hit the “publish” button and it keeps attracting traffic, for as long as you want!

Your Content Marketing Efforts are Measurable 

How many people visit your website every day and from which location? How many of them are reading your blogs and actually clicking the contact button? Which age groups visit your website more frequently? Which blog pages are getting more hits?

All this information and much more can be collected by properly setting up Google Analytics on your real estate website and blog. 

Content is The First Step to Building Up A Long-Term Relationship!

Surviving as a successful real estate agent is all about building up a long-lasting relationship. And this is only possible when you open up a channel of communication with new and existing buyers. With a content marketing plan, you can achieve this goal easily by adding value consistently. 

7 Effective Content Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

So, let’s start with my top 7 content marketing tips for real estate agents.

Build a User-Friendly Website 

Of all the marketing strategies for real estate business, building a user-friendly website should be your topmost priority.  Because without a website, you can’t reach out to a larger audience.  

Keep these criteria in mind while designing your real estate business website:-

  • Chose a clean and simple design for your website which conveys the message instantly.
  • Your website should be user-friendly with specific navigation instructions. Make the search bar prominent, so that visitors can quickly search a specific location or extract necessary information without feeling lost!
  • If you want visitors to take a certain action, make it clear on the front page itself. Simply speaking, your call-to-action or contact form button should be displayed strategically.
  • If you are running a blog/vlog or social media pages, make those buttons visible, prominently. 

For real estate website design inspiration, you can check this post

Appeal to Your Target Customers- Visually! 

real estate photography is a great content marketing idea

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, it perhaps applies quite aptly in the real estate business. The more visual content you can generate, the greater becomes the chance to get noticed. 

But how do you do it exactly? 

Start by clicking high-resolution photographs for purposes like property staging and showcasing. You can use these photos for open houses too. The best thing about having original high-quality photographs is that you can reuse them the way you want. You can print these photographs on brochures, and use them as physical collateral too. And of course, you can display them on your website and social media pages.

You can use a bunch of photos to prepare an eye-catching online presentation or interactive carousel. Thus your online clients can have a better view of the property without visiting it physically. 

Besides photographs, you can also consider Infographics which is right now one of the trending content marketing ideas for real estate agents. Your infographic can solve some common problems or queries of customers,e.g.

  • how the property price of a specific location has varied over time,
  • how to mortgage property or house
  • What are the pros and cons of renting and buying
  • Important homeownership facts a potential buyer should know
  • how to calculate home loan with interest

With Infographics, you can get creative and decide which sorts of information is perfect for visual representation. 

Organize Virtual Tours  – One of the High-Tech Content Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents to Stay Ahead of Competitors 

Okay, so we have already talked about hi-res photography but an interactive video surely has its own charm, isn’t it? And no we are not talking about shooting plain videos of the property and sending them to potential clients. Rather we are talking about organizing VR tours so that the buyer can have a real close look and feel of the property. 


Let me give a small example. Suppose your buyer has few antique furniture pieces which take up quite a lot of space. And he is not sure whether the flat he has selected will be able to accommodate a huge wooden sofa or a standing chest of 5 drawers. However, with a virtual tour of the property, he can easily drag and drop the furniture items at any corner of the house and decide whether they look good or unorganized. 

Considering the fact that movement has now become restricted due to the pandemic situation, your potential clients would definitely prefer a virtual tour before planning an actual visit of the property. Your clients simply need a VR headset to enjoy the virtual tour fully! 

Sounds too complicated or expensive? Well, there are many virtual tour software solutions that are extremely user-friendly and available for free!

Newsletter – Oh, Yes, They Are Still Effective!

As I  talked about incorporating AR/VR as a part of your real estate content marketing plan, how could I not mention the good old newsletter marketing!

It might sound old-fashioned but emails do get opened and people take action too if they find the content valuable and trustworthy. However, there are few points to keep in mind, if you want to run a successful email marketing campaign.

  • Craft your email smartly with an attractive subject line that compels the subscriber to open your email.
  • Keep it brief, but make sure the message gets conveyed.
  • Talk to your reader. Don’t make your email sounds like a machine-generated message!
  • Don’t be outright promotional. Rather try to deliver value with each newsletter.
  • Encourage the reader to take some action. For instance, you can always ask the reader to reply to this email, if they have anything further to add. Or they can reach out to you with their problems, as well. 

Add a Blog Section in Your Real Estate Website or Run a Blog Separately 

Content marketers love blogging and they have their reasons too! According to blogging statistics published by Oberlo, businesses that run own blog and put up more than 16 posts a month, get more than 3 times traffic as compared to those who publish fewer posts. 

If you really want to become a successful realtor,  then blogging can be a great inbound marketing strategy to spread the word! Also, by publishing blog posts regularly, you can rank your website quickly. Further, by serving quality information, you can build a dedicated subscriber base who keeps coming back to read your articles. 

Learn to Repurpose Content- One of the Often Ignored Content Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Know how to repurpose content. For instance, if you have a popular article that gets viewed and shared, then turn it into a video, Infographic, or a Slideshare presentation. Else you can do the reverse, i.e., convert a video or Infographic into an article. Actually there are many creative ways to repurpose blog content, few of which are explained here. 

Use Live Videos to Promote Your Real Estate Business

Some might shy away from this idea of going live before an online audience. But, trust me, if you can do it, your followers and subscribers will grow quickly and that too without spending a single penny!

For instance, if you have good knowledge of real estate investment, you can share your knowledge on a  live webinar.

Initially, you can start small by going live on Facebook. Use the session to answer common queries that people have about buying a property or renting a house. 

To Sum It Up 

The above-mentioned content marketing tips for real estate agents only deliver results, if you are ready to follow a proper strategy and schedule. So, commit to a long-term content marketing strategy and am sure it will open up endless channels of communications that lead to some great deals!

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