Business Query & Collaboration – How to Collaborate With Us?

If you want to share your in-depth knowledge about topics related to small business, entrepreneurship, marketing, etc., then we will be glad to publish it on Onlismallbiz. Here’s how you can collaborate with us. 

Submit Articles For Publication & Collaborate With Us

We invite insightful articles (1200-1500 words)  related to the following topics:-

  • Digital marketing, social media marketing
  • Small business and work-from-home ideas
  • E-commerce tips
  • Online business challenges
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Make money online
  • Freelancing tips

Here are a few more article submission conditions to follow:-

We are interested in original content only that offers well-researched information. Duplicate/spun content, grammatical errors, and incorrect information will be outright rejected.

Please follow these instructions while writing the article:-

Your article should mention the keyword clearly. It should be mentioned in the article title, first Para, and 1-2 sub-titles.

Your article should have a catchy title and sub-titles, small Para. We don’t like filler content with superficial /vague information!

You can include 2-3 original images, else we will do it on our own. Also, you are most welcome to submit Infographics.

Your article must have at least 2-3 outgoing links directing readers to authentic websites with relevant information. You can link to your own blog or website provided it matches the article tone.  Also to note, we have the right to remove the link if it is found to be spam or outright promotional.

You agree to submit an article that is not published elsewhere. Also, you must agree not to republish the content, once it is published on this platform.

You must include an author bio at the end with 1-2 links to your social media profile.

What We Don’t Accept?

We are not okay with grammatical errors and meaningless sentence construction that add no value to the guest post.

Your post might be rejected if we find it outright promotional. Also, topics, which are in no way related to Onlismallbiz theme, won’t be accepted.

We give preference to submissions that are sent from business email IDs.

We are not okay with topics that are controversial, political, or related to gaming, gambling, or adult content.

Please check the following articles to know what types of articles we accept.

LLC formation mistakes

Italian investor visa advice

Get Instagram likes without hashtags

LinkedIn for B2B marketing

If interested, please fill up the contact form to take it forward.

Why Collaborate With Onlismallbiz

  • Your published article will be internally linked to an existing article. This ensures better exposure and more views for your article.
  • Once published, your article is immediately submitted for Google indexing. Usually, the article is indexed by Google within 24 hours.
  • The blog appears among the top 50 small business blogs in Feedspot, a premium content reading platform.
  • Once published the article will be shared on all the social media pages, maintained by the Onlismallbiz team. We will also create at least 3-4 Pins for Pinterest.
  • Your article link will be shared in our newsletter.

Check Moz Domain Analysis for further stats about Onlismallbiz.

Besides article publication, we are also offering the following collaboration opportunities:-

  • Link insertion in an existing article
  • Reviewing your product/service and writing an in-depth article about it (charges apply).
  • Banner advertisement. 

To know more, please drop us a line with your requirement and offer. Please add your website link so that we can access whether it suits the Onlismallbiz theme.

If you don’t hear from us within a day or two, then please consider the offer as “rejected”.