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Change Web Hosting Provider: Should You Get Rid of a Bad Host and How?

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Change Web Hosting Provider : Few Commonly Asked Questions

Ques: How Do I Move My WordPress Website From The Current Hosting Provider to a New One?

Definitely not an easy process!

If you want to change web hosting provider to a new one, then proceed very carefully.

The first thing you should do is look for a reliable hosting company with a sound track record. After all, you don’t want to commit the same mistake now that you have decided to change web hosting provider.

Don’t delete or cancel your current web hosting account till the migration is complete.

Take a backup of your existing files that are lying with your old host. These files and databases will then be tranfered to your new hosting provider. The backup process should be done methodically.

This article offers detailed guidelines to migrate WordPress website successfully.

You should also devote some time to note down any important information which you feel would be needed during the trasnfer process.

 And yes, don’t forget to add your existing e-mail accounts to the new server once you change the web hosting provider.

After a successful migration , you should conduct a test run of the website on the new server. This is to ensure everything is running fine, now that you have moved to a new server.

The final step is changing DNS records which your new host has provided.

Once you change web hosting provider, you may have to wait for 2-3 days to successfully migrate the domain. In case the process gets delayed, you should get in touch with the new hosting company to check out if anything is wrong.

If you are running an e-commerce or service related website then inform your customers/visitors well in advance, of the change or downtime. Otherwise, they might panic in case they can’t fail to find your site where they might have placed an order.

change web host does affect SEO

Ques: If I change web hosting provider, does it affect SEO?

The answer might disappoint you but Yes! When you change web hosting provider , sometimes it means changing server location too.

For instance, if your current hosting location is Singapore and your new hosting location becomes United States, then it is likely to confuse Google. Since Google prioritizes websites based on server location, so a change in web hosting provider might impact your site’s search engine ranking as well.

However, you need not worry if your server location remains the same.

In case you fail to create an exact replica of the existing website when you change web hosting provider, it can impact SEO as well.

Also,  several other factors like server quality, page speed and even your new hosting plan can positively / negatively affect SEO.

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Change Web Hosting Provider: How To Start The Process ?

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Before you initiate the transfer process, you need the EPP Code from your existing hosting company. This is a kind of security code which you have to provide to your new host.

Simple ask for the EPP code from your current host and they are bound to provide it when requested.

Remember, without this security key the transfer process can’t be initiated. So arrange for it, before taking the plunge.

Now unlock your domain cause a locked domain can’t be transfered. This can be done from your existing hosting provider’s Cpanel.

Remember to disable the WHOIS protection. If not sure how to do it, seek help from the hosting company.

The WHOIS information that you have already submitted should match the personal information that you are now providing to the new host.

Now you can start the process to change web hosting provider. Your new hosting company will send an approval email stating that your transfer request is accepted.

This  email will be sent to the same email address that you have provided in the WHOIS information. So, make sure your email with the current domain is operational.

The domain owner must confirm the domain transfer process.

Now the new registrar will get in touch with your existing hosting company with a request to handover the domain to them.

This is the most trickiest part as the existing hosting provider often delays the process. In that case, you have to get in touch with them and request an early migration.

To Conclude

As is evident, the process to change web hosting provider is not so simple and easy. Rather it can turn out to be quite complicated and time consuming if you don’t watch your steps!

And yet, there’s no reason to continue with an inefficient web hosting company and let your business suffer just because you are too scared to handle the complexities related to the migration process!

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