5 Proven Business Development Strategies For Startup To Implement For Success!

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Are you planning a startup? Then you must be ready to face several challenges. You need to possess all-around skills to know how to understand market demands and tweak product features accordingly. You should have the ability to predict where your company will be, maybe after five years. Sounds impossible, right? Actually, you can do all these and more only if you are equipped with the right business development strategies for startups!

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While writing about this topic, I decided to do my research. Hence I read several successful entrepreneur stories and talked with a few startup owners to know about their success strategies. And thus I have come up with this article to reveal the 5 proven business development strategies for startups.  

Allow Yourself to Fail – One of The Key Business Development Strategies for Startups

Can you think of success without thinking of failure? No! Consider your first or second failure as a blessing in disguise. However, you may experience real failure if you don’t learn anything from the experience. So, your business development strategy should focus on understanding what failed you and why.

Read these books about business failure to realize that all the successful entrepreneurs have taken failure as a part of the learning curve. And they have used those bad judgments to strengthen their businesses with good judgments. 


Offer a Better Solution To a Problem

Often startup founders get so busy working out a solution that they often overlook the problem! What matters the most is answering the needs of your customers. Find out their requirements or problems and present them with an easy and cost-effective solution. Take for instance Joy Mangano, the American entrepreneur who invented the self-pressing Miracle Mop. Why? Because she felt that the ordinary mops were quite irritating and time-consuming. Thus she came up with the idea of a self-wringing mop. 


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Sometimes it may happen that you can’t come up with a completely unique product idea. Then you can find a solution that is better and cheaper than the solutions offered by existing businesses. The best  approach is to find out why customers are unhappy with the existing product/service. Then  you can work out an innovative solution which is not provided by your competitors. 

Make an Effort To Connect With Your Prospective Clients – One of The Important Business Development Strategies for Startups

How do you find out what customers exactly want? The answer is, you need to make an effort to interact with them. You have to find your prospective clients to know their needs. The other reason to reach out to your customers is to let them know what exactly you are offering them. 

Now you must be wondering how do I start this process of communication? The one easy solution which you can avail yourself right now is social media. You are likely to find your prospects on Facebook, Instagram. or Twitter. Then you can open up the channel of communication by creating online surveys, short videos, polls, and Live Q&A sessions. You can also create a landing page for free to capture email subscribers. And you can do all these even before launching the actual product/service. 

You can also plan a crowdfunding campaign to understand whether investors are enthusiastic about your startup idea. Want to know how to plan a crowdfunding campaign that works? Find the complete information here


Build a Trustworthy Team

You have a great idea, and you know the entire process to turn that idea into reality. However, it is not possible to do it entirely on your own. Thus you have to choose a trustworthy team at the right time to save precious time, energy, and money. When selected carefully, your team can be the best asset to take your business further.

When Jan Koum came up with the idea of a unique instant messaging platform called Whatsapp, he teamed up with Brian Acton. The latter helped in seed funding and business expansion. Later Koum hired  Chris Peiffer to develop the BlackBerry version of Whatsapp.

Thus, it’s clear that your startup idea can flourish with appropriate right human resources. Also, an exceptional team can contribute to developing and implementing business strategies for your startup.

Adapt to Changing Demands

You have to be flexible to take your business to the next level of success. And this is possible when you learn to focus on the market and keep track of the latest market trends. Also, as a startup owner, you can become successful quickly if you can anticipate how  your consumer behavior and demand may evolve with time. Accordingly, you can place your startup to benefit from the changes. It definitely helps if you have a framework to identify the favorable opportunities for your business and tap them at the right moment. 

Let me give a simple example. The recent pandemic has caught many business owners unaware. Several businesses faced a setback. However, the smart ones were able to make a quick turnaround by introducing products or services to cater to the changing demands of buyers post-pandemic. Those selling products the conventional way decided to focus more on online selling. Many switched to contactless apps to accept payment while adhering to the Covid-19 protocol. 

Your ability to adapt to changing marketing demands is one of the effective business development strategies for startups that helps build a loyal client base. And when you have happy clients, they may lead you to new business opportunities. 


To Conclude

It is not easy to come up with the appropriate business development strategies for your startup. Sometimes it takes months and years to understand what your buyers want and why. However, patience and perseverance always pay. Initially, you may need to work 24×7 to grow your startup. Also, it is important to keep your team motivated by appreciating their efforts.  Soon you will be able to reap the rewards!


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