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Blogging for Beginners: How to Make A Blog Popular?

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The article shares some effective tips to simplify blogging for beginners. Each of these tips are tried and tested by successful bloggers who have successfully monetized their blogs.

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But before I talk about how to make a blog popular, let me discuss few interesting statistics which bloggers should know to make money from blogging.

WordPress is the most preferred blogging platform where more than 77 million new posts get published every month. bnl

Successful bloggers who make more than $50000 from blogging rely on Google organic search to attract traffic to their blogs.

Interesting to note that getting blog traffic from Facebook has become more difficult now, as revealed by high income bloggers.  They also reveal that it has also become difficult to please Google now a days!

If you are looking for ways to make your blog popular in 2020 then follow this valuable piece of advice from successful bloggers.  All of them suggest improving quality of content to skyrocket blog popularity. They also put greater emphasis on blog promotion.

More than 40% bloggers who earn $50,000+ from their blogs rely on selling own product or service to make money from blogging.

Besides publishing blog posts, successful bloggers also publish lots of case studies, podcasts, videos and interviews. 

 So, now let’s take a look at 9 essential tips to make your blog popular in 2020.

Create Content For Readers And Not For Keywords – The Most Important Blogging for Beginners Tip

Create Content For Readers And Not For Keywords(1)

If you are focusing too much on keywords to achieve a better Google ranking then 2020 is the time to change your outlook.  According to Google latest updates, if your particular blog post is well-researched and well-written with authentic information then it can easily acquire higher ranking. Also to note, Google prefers to direct visitors to content which precisely provides solution to specific problems.

Let’s explain with an example. Suppose you are planning to write a blog post about exotic holiday destinations for newlyweds.  Now Google  prefers  a piece of content which has provided in depth information about the top exotic destinations, e.g., how to reach the place, where to stay, what are the attractions newlyweds shouldn’t miss, the approximate cost to plan this holiday, who are the reliable tour operators, and so on. 

To make your blog popular in 2020 you have to get rid of superficial content and focus more on informative writing.

Build Your Blog Identity To Make Your Blog Popular In 2020

Gone are the days of blogging when you just needed to create a compelling piece of content, and hit the publish button to make it go viral!

In order to make your blog popular in 2020 and make some real money out of it you have to run your blog like a business, that too from the day one itself. 

Ask expert advice on blogging for beginners and you will find that Google no more likes thin content from a fictitious blog. So if your blog is missing a proper writer profile or contact information, then it might not be recommended by Google. 

Build Your Blog Identity To Make Your Blog Popular In 2020

So, the way out?  Besides creating awesome content you should focus on establishing your brand identity. Here are few things you can possibly do.

Add a logo.

Create an attractive tagline that defines what your blog is about.

Write an amazing blogger profile and display it on your blog with matching image.

Display the contact information properly and also mention why people should contact you.

And finally invest in a reliable host so that your blog performs perfectly.

Make Your Blog Look Good And Make It Responsive – One of The Mandatory Blogging For Beginners Tricks To Follow!

To make your blog popular in 2020, you need to make it look good and also make it user friendly. If your blog design is too complicated without proper navigation, then it can confuse visitors and this in turn affects your search ranking.  And of course not to forget the fact that Google wants your blog to be mobile friendly. 

Simply speaking, your blog design should be such that anyone browsing it on mobile devices can do so without disruption. There’s a really easy way to do that.

Pick up an appropriate responsive WordPress theme for your blog and test it  ,before implementing the change. 

It’s perfectly okay to self host your wordpress blog. This way you can save cost and can have a total control over your blog.

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Optimise Your Blog For Voice Search – A Key Blogging For Beginners Strategy

Why?  Because the prediction is that, by 2020 almost 50% of online searches will be voice queries. So, to make your blog popular in 2020, you have to consider the voice search technology. Sounds too technical?  Well, not really!

There are few easy tricks to make your content voice search friendly. Use Natural language and try to answer questions in a conversational tone. 

Page Loading Speed for Voice Search

Let’s explain with example.  Suppose you have to write a piece of content where the keyword is “work from home ideas for moms.” When someone does a voice query about this topic, she is most likely to ask “what are the work from home ideas for moms that don’t need investment?”, or “what are the words from home ideas for moms that make quick money?” 

To optimize your blog post for voice search, you have to rephrase the content so that it answers relevant questions related to the keyword.

Social Selling Is The Key To Make Your Blog Popular In 2020

Running a blog in 2020 is similar to running a business. To make money out of it you have to resort to social selling. This is the recent trend that most businesses adapt to get qualified leads and sales.

Simply speaking, social selling is all about building a relationship of trust with your target group. This is done by engaging in meaningful conversation, be it answering questions or offering valuable opinion about a certain topic. If done properly, social selling can help build up a dedicated following, who trusts your word and follows your advice.

use social selling to make your blog popular in 2020

Let me elaborate a bit. 

Suppose you are a health blogger looking to collaborate with some fitness experts and healthcare professionals for paid posting and advertising. Or maybe you want to establish yourself as an influencer in this field. You can try social selling to gain recognition and visibility among your target group of clients. Gradually your prospects will start noticing your blog and start sending queries for collaboration.

Social selling is a time consuming process as it is getting difficult to be heard in this crowded digital space. So you need to be really patient and consistent to get result out of social selling.

Create Different Types Of Digital Content

 As I already said blogging in 2020 is going to be much more competitive and complicated.  You won’t be able to survive by simply creating blog post. To make sure people keep coming back to your blog, you have to create other forms of digital content, e.g. attractive images, case studies, Infographics, Videos, live chats,  webinar, GIFs,  research and data, templates for download, Interactive content, Pinterest pins, and so on.

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 I understand it is not possible for a new blogger to create such a diverse range of content.  You can chose a few options (e.g. images, videos, Infographics, memes) depending on own skill and interest. You can also create a free eBook or downloadable template and use it as a lead magnet to add more subscribers to your blog.

Know SEO Well To Make Your Blog Popular In 2020

SEO is no more about stuffing your content with keywords.

If you want to run a successful blog you, simply can’t overlook SEO or avoid responsibility by saying “ I am a writer and not an SEO expert!”

You should learn to use free tools like Google autocomplete, Google keyword planner, Google Analytics, Google search console, Google trends, Ubersuggest, Answer The Public, etc., for keyword Research and SEO audit. And if you are running a WordPress blog,  then The Yoast SEO plugin can definitely relieve you of a lot of optimization worries!. 

If you have the money to invest in paid SEO tools, then Ahrefs, SEMrush, KWfinder or Majestic are worth trying.

Final Words

If you want to know how to make a blog popular, then the simple answer is love your audience and serve them invaluable content. If they find value in your blog posts, they will help you spread the word. Share your knowledge while blogging as a beginner, and your efforts will be definitely rewarded!

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