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15 Blog Post Ideas During Covid-19 to Grow Traffic And Subscribers Quickly!

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Over past few months, people are consuming news and information like never before as many are forced to stay indoors due to the Coronavirus lockdown. Here I am going to discuss few trending blog post ideas during Covid-19 which readers find useful and worth following!

blog topic ideas to make money

If you are a seasoned blogger,  then you must have noticed some changes in your blog traffic since WHO declared Covid-19 as a pandemic. Those covering topics like health, lifestyle or work-from-home might be rejoiced with their blog’s rising traffic! On the other hand, the scenario is not so rosy for travel or fashion bloggers. So, yes the Covid-19 has actually forced bloggers and digital marketers to modify their blogging strategy.

This changing online search scenario has prompted bloggers to look for blog post ideas during Covid-19 , which can boost their staggering blog traffic. However, SEO experts like Neil Patel suggest against exploiting the pandemic situation to make money. He strongly suggests that you turn your blog into a knowledge and information hub which your readers find useful and assuring during this stressful time.

Accordingly I have come up with 15 blog post ideas and I have also explained why you can consider them during Covid-19 and after, to grow traffic and subscribers.

So let’s start…

Parenting – One of the Popular Blog Post Ideas During Covid-19

parenting blog during covid19

Ask bloggers who run blogs about parenting, and you will definitely get an enthusiastic reply that their blog traffic is peaking up since the lockdown started.

This screenshot of Google Trends justifies their claim.

parenting- one of the popular blog post ideas during covid-19

Guess we all know the answer why!

The Covid-19 crisis not only causes stress among parents but it seriously impacts kids too. So, if your parenting blog can cover some relevant topics then you can easily grow your blog traffic and subscriber base.

Here are few ideas to start the parenting blog during Covid-19:

– Co-parenting during Coronavirus/ Covid-19

– Parenting tips during Corona lockdown

– Panda parenting

– Parenting memes

– Helicopter parenting

– Best parenting tweets

Freelancing- Best Blog to Start If You Have Relevant Experience

blog topic ideas during covid-19

We are staring at a global recession. People have started losing their jobs and the worst is yet to come. As there’s a grim chance to find a new job, many are contemplating the freelancing option.

If you have relevant experience as a freelancer, then start a blog to share your thoughts and ideas about freelancing. While it is true that this topic is thoroughly covered by many expert freelancers, but there’s always room for fresh ideas and opinion.

You can pick up topics like:-

– Money-making freelancing skills

– Best freelancing sites and platforms in a <particular country>

– Freelancing training

– Freelancing online jobs

How-To or DIY Technical Blog – One of the Trending Blog Post Ideas During Covid-19 For Tech-Savvy Bloggers

start a how to blog during lockdown

Our modern lifestyle has resulted in over-dependence on technology.  Now, the lockdown poses quite a practical problem for non-tech individuals who don’t know how to do some basic repair work of electronic gadgets. Many rely on Google search and Youtube videos to find out how to repair a headphone, laptop, mobile, LED bulb or even a gas lighter!

In such a scenario, your how-to technical blog can become quite popular if you can provide accurate answers to such basic tech tquestions. There’s also this scope of monetizing your technical blog by selling relevant electronic items which you suggest in your blog.

Here are few topic ideas to start your technical how-to blog:-

– How to repair home appliances

– Tips to repair own computer

– How do you repair a laptop

– Tips to fix anything

– How to repair Windows 10

– Steps to delete apps

– How to screen record on MAC

Start a Gardening Blog With Special Focus on Garden Furniture

blog topics during corona

As people start spending more time at home, they are making every effort to make the lockdown period pleasant and enjoyable. While many have reignited their passion for gardening, some have started adorning their small garden spaces with colorful furniture.

According to Google Trends, search for “gardening” is on the rise.

start a gardening blog to make money

Here are few topics that you can cover in your gardening blog:-

– Gardening tips and ideas

– Kids Gardening Kit

– Gardening Overalls

– Scrap gardening

– Toddler gardening gloves

– Raised bed gardening for beginners

– Three houses gardening

As is evident, you can easily monetize your gardening blog with affiliate marketing/ Adsense.

Lifestyle Blog To Share Personal Experience And Stories

It is perhaps one of the most popular blog niches, simply because you can start a lifestyle blog without any specialized knowledge. Also you can share lots of interesting thoughts and personal  experience in your lifestyle blog.

start a productive day

If you have something unique to share or interesting story to tell about the pandemic situation, then a lifestyle blog is the quickest way to attract traffic and money.

With a little bit online research you can come up with lots of lifestyle blog post ideas which are somehow related to the present crisis. For instance, you can write about

– how to organize a virtual birthday party 

– new recipe you have recently tried for kids

– books you have read for motivation

– minimal home decor tips

– how to engage kids during quarantine

– how to bake bread at home

Your lifestyle blog can cover a range of topics like healthy cooking with recipe, baking, home decor, self-care, DIY beauty tips, and the like.

And yes, you can always draw inspiration from the top lifestyle blogs to get an idea of the types of content that popular bloggers are covering right now.

Immunity – One of the Highly Searched Blog Post Ideas During Covid-19

We are at such a stage of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the road ahead is still unknown to all of us. The world is waiting for a vaccine but we all know that it is not going to happen anytime soon!

This is why the focus right now is on “immunity”. As more and more health experts are stressing on boosting own immunity, this has helped create awareness about the topic.

immunity- one of the Highly Searched Blog Post Ideas During Covid-19

If you are well-read with a special interest in healthcare then you can consider starting a blog which talks about coronavirus immunity. Topics like “which food to eat to boost your immunity system” can quickly show up on the first page of Google, provided you share well-researched authentic information.

Here are some topic ideas for your immunity blog:-

– Best home remedies to increase immunity

– What are the top immunity booster foods?

– Classification of immunity

– Know your immunity system

– How do you strengthen immunity system naturally?

– Which tea should you drink for immunity?

Make Money – Blog Post Idea Which Is Always In Demand!

make money as a financial planner

You may think that it is the Corona effect but the fact is make money blogs are already making good MONEY!

Now that the situation is more difficult and desperate as unemployment and salary cut is on the rise, people are most likely to follow blogs that talk about “making money”.

As Google search trend reveals, topics like “how to make money during quanrantine” or “do tiktokers make money” are searched often.

Here I have come up with some post ideas for your money-making blog:-

– Tips to earn from home during lockdown

– How do tiktokers make money

– Tips to make money in animal crossing new horizons

– How to sell feet pics and make money

– Ways to make money online during lockdown


Supplements for Lung Health – A Trending Topic to Monetize Your Blog

blog about supplements for lung health

As the trend suggests, “supplements for lung health” is going to be one of the trending searches in coming days.

As a new blogger, you can use this piece of information to start a health supplement blog. And the best part, is there are several ways to monetize this micro-niche blog.

Few topics to consider for your health supplement blog:-

– What are the best supplements for lung health?

– How do you heal your lungs naturally?

– Which vitamins should you take for respiratory health?

– What do i drink to cleanse my lungs?

– Lung supplements for smokers

– Best vitamins for COPD patients

Blog About Netflix or Web Series

Guess I don’t need to explain why I suggest this blog topic!

While video streaming services have already grown steadily over past few years but it is the lockdown which I guess has given it a new impetus. Those who were waiting on the sidelines, hesitant about buying a Netflix subscription, have now decided to jump on the bandwagon, simply because it is one of the fascinating ways to spend time at home!

blog about netflix or web series

If you are the Netflix aficionado, then this is the right time to start a blog and share your thoughts and reviews about the best netflix series and movies.

People are always looking for information like:

– What are the top 10 Netflix series and why?

– Most watched Netflix series

– What drama series are now popular on Netflix?

– Most underrated Netflix shows

– 10-20 Best movies on Netflix this month

– Best Netflix original movies

Online Teaching or Classroom – Best Blog Idea For Those in Teaching Profession

If you are a teacher or a private tutor, then by now you must have shifted to online classroom.  And this is the best time to start a blog where you share your online teaching experience. Your blog can be a great learning platform for those contemplating online teaching to make money from home.

start an online teaching blog

What people want to know about online teaching and classroom?

– Best online teaching sites and platforms

– How to use Zoom app for online teaching?

– Best app for teaching online

– Best practices for online teaching

– Online teaching memes

– How do you become an online teacher and make money?

Disinfect/ Cleaning – A Great Topic To Start a Blog Now

disinfect_cleaning - one of the trending blog topics

The covid-19 crisis has forced people to take cleaning/ disinfection quite seriously. By now, most have learned why it is so important to keep your home and surrounding clean.

As Google trends indicates, “cleaning” remains a popular search term and the trend is likely to continue.

cleaning - one of the trending blog ideas during Covid-19


Taking cue from the graph, you can start a blog which talks about the best cleaning products and supplies. Once you start a blog you will find it easier to monetize it by collaborating with companies / individuals who sell relevant cleaning products.

Here are few topics you can consider:-

– Data room cleaning

– Car cleaning kit

– Cleaning vs disinfection

– How to disinfect your home quickly

– Ways to clean airpods

– How to disinfect shoes and clothes

– Tips to sanitize office space

Blog About Unemployment – A Topic Which Everyone Wants to Read!

Job losses keep mounting almost every day, as a staggering 36 million have applied for US unemployment aid since the corona outbreak. The entire world is facing an unprecedented crisis which many apprehend will get worse in coming days. However, almost every country is adopting measures to control the unemployment situation, the best way possible.

FICO updates credit score- should you be worried

If you are following such news regularly, then consider starting a blog which talks about Covid-19 unemployment, stimulus package, how to apply for unemployment grant in a specific country and state, and so on.

Also to remember, such news based blogs need to be updated regularly, as and when a new package is announced or a particular country adopts a special measure which benefits your readers.

Pet Care Blog- Helps Build A Dedicated Subscriber Base

Are you a pet owner? Then by now you must have realized that the lockdown can be quite a stressful time for your pet. May be you and your pet are missing that lovely evening stroll and outdoor fun!

Start a mobile pet grooming business

There are pet parents who are seriously concerned about their dog or cat’s wellbeing. If you can dispel their worries by writing well-researched blog posts, then your subscriber base will grow in no time!

Here are few topic ideas for your pet care blog:-

– In-home pet care services

– Pet care questions during Covid-19

– Pet care Tips and products

– Top 10 virtual veterinary services for your pet

– Why buy pet care insurance?

Celebrity News – One of The All-Time Favorite Blog Post Ideas

start a celebrity news blog - one of the popular blog topics

Irrespective of pandemic and recession, there’s a section of readers who remain addicted to celebrity news, as is evident from Google Trends’ chart.

start a celebrity news blog

So, if you are a keen follower of celeb lifestyle, then you will definitely find it fascinating to run a celebrity news blog. You can design the blog with categories like:-

– Latest breaking celebrity news

– Celeb news and photos

– Crazy celebrity news

– Celebrity news of a <particular country/location>

– Celebrity gossip

Vehicle Insurance – Information People Always Want!

Auto insurance is one of the evergreen blog topics, since people are always hunting for better insurance offers for their vehicles. And in coming days, demand for auto insurance will be on the rise as more people decide to shun public transport and settle for own vehicle.

start a vehicle insurane blog

If you have good knowledge about insurance products, then consider starting an auto/vehicle insurance blog to reap early benefits. You can write about:

– How to buy the best two-wheeler vehicle insurance?

– Why vehicle insurance claims gets rejected?

– Should you buy car insurance online or offline?

– How to renew your vehicle insurane in lockdown?

– Tips to protect your car in lockdown

– How accidents can impact the insurance premium?

To Conclude

All the blog post ideas during covid-19, as discussed above are supported by Google trends data over a period of one year. However,  I suggest you should do own research and assess own comfort level before picking up any specific blog topic. Also remember not to overemphasize Covid-19 as the pandemic will end one day, but your blog will last longer if know how to make it popular!

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