How to Make Money On the Road

Best Tips to Make Money Traveling While Having Fun!

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Are you the travel enthusiast who keeps searching for the next travel destination? However, “Money” is perhaps the one thing that comes in the way of your frequent travel plans. Worry not! In this article, I share the best tips to make money traveling while having fun and building lifetime memories! 

How to Make Money On the Road

Isn’t travel all about having fun and enjoying leisure time? Well, the answer depends on individual perspectives. If you plan to travel once or twice a year and already have good savings to cover the expenses, then you might not be interested in knowing how to support yourself while traveling.

Then there are a crazy few like me who can’t stop dreaming of exotic locations, sun-drenched beaches, and snow-capped mountains. And hence arises the question, “how to support yourself while traveling?” or “how to earn money while traveling?”

Here I try to answer such queries with tried and tested strategies to make money traveling. 

What Are The Best Tips To Make Money Traveling To Support Your Tour Costs?

Start a Travel Blog – One of the Best Tips to Make Money Traveling 


Over the past few years, travel blogs have experienced exponential growth as more and more people search for authentic information to plan their next trips. Many avid travelers browse online to learn about exotic destinations, budget-friendly tourist spots, family vacations, and the like.

As a blogger, make the most of this growing demand to make money from your blog. While starting a travel blog, you should choose an in-demand niche rather than writing about anything and everything. 

A few hot and trendy travel topics to consider are:-

  • Solo Travel
  • Under-30 travel tips
  • Backpacking
  • Traveling abroad on a budget
  • Travel photography
  • Food on the road
  • Travel wear and equipment

Remember to excel as a travel blogger, you should have excellent storytelling skills to attract readers. Also, you should be ready to share authentic information only, collected from the spot.  

Start a Travel Vlog – One of the Popular Ways to Make Money Online While Traveling 

The concept behind starting a travel vlog is almost the same as a travel blog. As a travel vlogger, you will be doing less writing and more shooting and talking! So, before launching your travel vlog on YouTube, make sure you are comfortable shooting videos of all forms while traveling. Also, starting a travel vlog means carrying the basic equipment and accessories to create attractive travel videos. 

Decide a niche to start your travel vlog. You can draw inspiration from the top vloggers to get an idea of the best-performing travel content on YouTube. Still to give you an idea, travel vlogs based on the following topics top the list right now on YouTube:-

  • Exotic and beautiful locations, away from mainstream locations
  • Culture, traditions, festivals, and lifestyles of different places
  • Travel hacks for youths
  • Food discoveries
  • Solo female travel
  • Adventure Sports
  • Family travel on a budget

To make your travel vlog successful and profitable, you need to excel in storytelling and videography skills. Your videos should be such that they look original, lively, and inspiring to encourage viewers to step out of their comfort zone!

Consider Destination Travels to Get Paid To Travel


How to make money on the road? The answer is through destination campaigns. It is a great money-making option for full-time travelers who don’t mind planning a quick trip on an invitation.

So, how do you make money from destination travels? You receive an invitation from a specific destination to visit the place and promote it in the best way possible. 

 Needless to say, the company/ destination country covers all of our expenses, i.e., airfare, hotel, food, travel, etc. Sometimes, they even support the promotion costs related to video making, social media advertising, content writing, photography, etc. 

If you are a new blogger or vlogger without a sizeable audience on social media platforms and YouTube then you may find it difficult to attract such destination campaigns. After all the company is interested in paying someone who can offer tangible value to its tourism destination. So, they are unlikely to hire someone with a meager fan following.

Affiliate Marketing – The Quickest Way to Make Passive Income While Traveling

Easy to start, affiliate marketing shows you the money even if you have a minimum of 5000 followers on social media or YouTube! Yes, that’s right. With a loyal audience and steady traffic, it’s possible to make money through affiliate marketing. 

How does affiliate marketing work? 

It’s simple! 

You can add links to products or services in your articles, video descriptions, and social media posts. When someone purchases the product or service by clicking on the link, you receive a commission for that qualified purchase. 

Make sure to recommend products and services that you use and trust. For package promotion, you can consider trusted booking websites like Booking.comTripAdvisor, and MakeMyTrip. For travel wear, equipment, and accessories, consider Amazon affiliate marketing. Here are a few more travel affiliate programs to consider, if you are ready to go beyond the known names. 

Brand Partnership is a Great Way to Support Yourself While Traveling 

Similar to destination campaigns, brand advertising also depends heavily on your popularity as a travel influencer. The more followers and subscribers you have, the higher the chance of brands approaching you to advertise their products/services. 

How to Use Brand Advertising To Make Money Traveling?

There are many ways you can do brand advertising. For instance, you can do the promotion for a specific product/ service launch. However, most popular bloggers and vloggers prefer a long-term contract to ensure a consistent income. 

The brand company executive informs you of the client’s promotion needs and the type of coverage they want from the influencer. For instance, some brands may opt for social media coverage and blog posts only. Then the ones with bigger budgets may ask you to include video marketing, television channel ad campaigns, newspaper advertising, and the like. 

While preparing brand campaigns, you need to be unique and original. Also, it is important to feel confident recommending a certain brand. If you are unsure or ill-informed about a brand, that will show in the brand advertising. This in turn can confuse a potential customer. 

Make Money Selling Travel Photos

how to make passive income while traveling

Are you confident about your photography skills? Then you can make money by selling your travel photos. There’s a huge demand for beautifully clicked travel photos, like, landscapes, people, lifestyle, etc. 

It’s easy to find clients willing to pay a decent amount for original travel pics. You can approach companies who are into destination marketing. There are digital and print magazines that keep looking for beautiful travel photos. Brands that sell travel wear and accessories also need travel pictures. 

If none of the above options suit you, then you can sell your travel pics online by setting up your own photo gallery. You can also take part in a travel photo exhibition with your collection. 

Offer Freelance Writing Services To Make Passive Income While Traveling

Freelance writing is a great way to make money on the go. You can write an article while waiting for the flight. Also, while traveling, you can make the most of your free time by writing interesting travel articles for online or print publications. 

Many travel magazines and newspapers keep looking for engaging travel stories reported from the location. Let’s say a publication is looking for an interesting article on the Machu Picchu trek. If you have a first-hand experience of this trekking trail that you can write in a story form, then the publication will be more than eager to buy it at the best price! 

Once you gain expertise in travel writing and your articles are appreciated, more and more publishers will be knocking at your door! 

Organize Tours For Others

Do you have good knowledge of prominent travel destinations? 

Then you can design and organize tours for others. However, this particular money-making route for travelers can be labor intensive in the initial stages. The best way out is to start on a small scale by planning local tours only. It is a great idea to visit these places personally before organizing tours for others. 

You have to take care of lots of things like flights, cars, hotel booking, itinerary, etc. Also, it’s not easy to address the grievances and complaints of tourists in case you decide to accompany them as the tour guide. 

Once you learn tricks of the trade, you realize that this is a great way to support your travel costs while growing a profitable business! 

Offer a Service to Support Yourself While Traveling

Now that the concept of staycation has become popular, it has led to many money-making ideas for full-time travelers. Let me explain. 

Suppose you have prior experience working in the hotel and hospitality sector. So, you easily find a job at a local restaurant or resort that might need a few extra hands during the peak seasons. Else, you can provide services like driving, teaching adventure sports, or massage therapy. You can offer travel buddy services and help others explore the region for a nominal fee. 

Few More Ways to Make Passive Income While Traveling

  • Create and sell digital products like courses, e-books, etc.
  • Write and self-publish your travel stories.
  • Teach travel blogging and Instagram influencer marketing.
  • Buy local products and sell them online or in your hometown for a profit. 


Now that you know all the tricks and tips to make money traveling, it’s up to you to decide which one works best for you. Finally, you should keep in mind that it’s not easy to earn money as a traveler. It takes months and years of hard work and patience to put a strategy in place. But, if you really like traveling, then I am sure you will find your own way to make money on the road. Happy traveling and please “Share” the article if you have enjoyed reading it!



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