how to become a virtual assistant without experience

How to Become a Virtual Assistant Without Experience and Start Making Money?

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Are you looking for realistic ways to make money online? Do you fancy the idea of working from home and turning it into an online business? Then becoming a virtual assistant might be just for you. In fact, this is the right time to consider this career option, since a Forbes article claims that remote work is here to stay and will keep growing in the coming years. So, continue reading and exploring these key steps on how to become a virtual assistant without experience!

how to become a virtual assistant without experience

A Simple Step To Become a Virtual Assistant Without Prior Experience

Since you are interested in becoming a virtual assistant and making money from the comfort of your house, you should have a basic understanding of the common responsibilities required by a VA. In fact, you will be amazed to know the huge scope of work in this field. The online space really does open up endless opportunities for aspiring virtual assistants and the ability to earn over $500 every month!

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Simply speaking, a virtual assistant primarily provides different services to businesses. These can be related to managing simple administrative tasks like managing e-mails, attending phone calls, booking tickets, managing appointments, managing files & records, and client follow-up. And then there are many virtual assistant tasks that require specialized skills, e.g. website design, graphic design, social media management, SEO and digital marketing, content creation, and the like.

So in order to get started all you need to do is sign up to either Fiverr or Upwork (links below) and start providing your services. Keep in mind, you can always start with basic tasks to get familiar with the business model before you take on more clients and harder tasks. If you’re still unsure how to start then, please check out a few courses/videos we’ve listed for you below:

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What Are The Key Virtual Assistant Skills That Are In Demand?

  • Responding and handling emails for executives
  • Managing appointments, meetings, and travel schedules for the business owner & c-level executives 
  • Managing social media accounts, regular posting, updates, answering queries, etc.
  • Bookkeeping and other basic accounting tasks
  • Handling customer queries and offering customer support services
  • Content creation and updates for blogs, websites, and other digital platforms
  • Online reputation management: handling negative reviews and customer feedback
  • Data entry and management
  • e-Commerce store management
  • Graphic designing and website designing
  • Online & Offline marketing and business promotion
  • Lead generation 

However, the scope of work of a virtual assistant is not limited to these. If you have other skills that business owners need, then they will gladly pay you for that!

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Do You Need to Learn New Skills to Become a VA Without Experience?

The simple answer is no! If you know how to respond to an email, and send calendar invites then you already have the basic set of skills required to start making money as a VA. With skills like calendar management, travel management, and budgeting you can start making between 500-2000 a month on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. 

When business owners hire a virtual assistant, they expect to offload as much as they can so they can focus on growing their business! They want someone to take care of the basic business tasks so that they can concentrate on improving the business and getting more sales. So, if you are wondering “what types of virtual assistant training do I need to get started?” then the simple answer is NONE. You can start without any training and you definitely don’t need a degree in Business Management or Computer Science! You can simply start your journey as a virtual assistant by signing up to the below platforms.

How to Train Yourself As a Virtual Assistant?

As already mentioned, you don’t need any formal training to become a virtual assistant without experience. However, to provide your clients with more value and attract repeat business you should continue acquiring new skills. We’ve put together a few links that could help you become successful and earn over $2000 a month!  

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  2. Become Your Own Boss Guide – Learn More 
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Sharpen Your Existing Skills

If you already have a few skills and knowledge to get started as a virtual assistant, then you can sharpen those skills. For instance, you might be great at writing short and sweet e-mails. Or, perhaps you are a sweet talker who knows how to communicate with strangers. Perhaps you are the social media buff who can dish out content as per your followers’ needs and demands.

Consider all these skills and expertise that you already have, try to sharpen them, and then use them for your new career.

Master Skills that You Don’t Have

If you plan to offer particular services about which you don’t have any knowledge then you can get virtual assistant training for free! For instance, you can read articles and books, watch YouTube videos, and also watch social media videos to learn about travel and calendar management, a service that business owners often need. 


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The book is referred to as the VA Industry Bible!

If you want to learn basic graphic design skills, then Canva is a great place to get started. You can also check out Google Digital Garage to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing, business advertising, mobile advertising, and more. 

And finally, remember that becoming a virtual assistant is one such work-from-home business opportunity that lets you learn from experience as your business keeps growing. Gradually you gain the confidence to handle different types of customer requirements. 

How Much Do Virtual Assistants Make a Month? 

Let’s be clear about one thing. We all want a career that is fulfilling and rewarding. No matter how good your skills are, if they are not making money for you then you are likely to feel demotivated soon. So, you must be eager to know how much virtual assistants make.

Well, the answer is your salary depends on lots of factors, e.g. your skill & experience, whether you offer part-time or full-time services and so on. For instance, a virtual assistant with special skills like coding, SEO, tech writing, etc. is likely to make more money than the one who doesn’t have such specialized skills.  However, as a beginner without any experience, you can easily make a minimum of $10 to $60 an hour, offering virtual assistant services. Not bad, right? 

There are two ways to get virtual assistant jobs. You can try the job portals like Virtual Staff Finder, Fancy Hands, PeoplePerHour, Perssist, Equivity, Upwork, FlexJobs, etc. to find projects matching your requirements. This is a comparatively easier way to find VA jobs without experience because it can be challenging to find your first client. 

However, if you are confident enough to start your own virtual assistant business, then you can make more money, as your experience keeps growing and your client base starts expanding. You can charge your clients on an hourly basis, the average hourly rate being $21 per hour. The other popular method that seasoned virtual assistants embrace is creating packages for different services. The packages are priced according to the services offered. For instance, expert virtual assistants offer Pinterest and Instagram marketing packages for a minimum of $500 a month. And the price may go up to $2000+. 

The third option to make money as a virtual assistant is charging a flat fee for a month’s entire work. Working out such a pricing strategy can be a bit tricky. Suppose, as a beginner who has no experience working as a virtual assistant, you agree to charge $300 for the whole month’s work. Now, as your experience and confidence grow, you realize that this work can be completed in 15 days. Hence you may want to shift to the other pricing strategies mentioned above. 

how to become a virtual assistant and make money

How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business Without Experience?

To explain in simple terms, starting a virtual business involves these 5 key steps

  • Decide the services to offer,
  • Price your services properly,
  • Set up your business as per legal norms,
  • Launch your website and create social media pages for your virtual business, and finally,
  • find clients and network with them.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these steps to help you get started as a virtual assistant.

Shortlist a Few Services to Offer

When it comes to starting a service business, experts insist on choosing a niche. The same holds true for VAs. While there are hundreds of services you can offer as a VA, it’s always better to choose a few services which you are most comfortable offering to your clients. Initially, you can shortlist 3-5 services you have good knowledge about. And then you can keep adding more services or upgrade the existing ones as you go. 

At the same time, it is advised not to be too focused on having a niche. As a beginner, what you actually need is a VA JOB. So, you should be ready to adapt to changing demands of your clients. For instance, you can start your virtual assistant career by offering writing services. Later if you feel that the clients want you to do WordPress blog posting and graphic designing, you can learn these skills to offer better services to your clients. 

Work Out Reasonable Packages

You must have noticed that service packages are often offered with 3 choices, the most common variations being Gold, Silver, and Platinum. However, you can name your packages the way you want. But make sure your packages are reasonably priced as per the market rates. Also, the packages should fit your clients’ budgets and needs. You can also offer a 4th option, i.e. customization. Thus you offer the flexibility to modify the package if a client is not happy with the existing ones. 

Keep Taxes in Mind

Now that you know the basic steps to start a virtual assistant business,  you should consider the taxation part too. As a business owner making money offering services, your income is taxable. And it is up to you to deduct your own taxes from the income. It is highly advised that you set up a separate business account. Thus you precisely know your income and thus calculate the taxes to pay. 

When planning your service packages, you should calculate the net income which you actually get after deducting taxes. 

Consider the Legalities of Starting a Service Business

If you plan to run a solo business from home, then you might be tempted to overlook the legal formalities. However, this is not a wise approach as you may end up with legal complications in the long run. Thus when you start a virtual assistant business, you need to take care of the legal formalities related to business registration.

You have to decide whether to run the VA business as a Sole Proprietor or as a single-member LLC, i.e. Limited Liability Company. Accordingly, you need to secure licenses and/or permits to operate the VA business. There are trusted platforms like ZenBusiness that take care of the entire process on your behalf and that too at an affordable rate. 

Besides registering your business, you should have contract templates ready for your clients. This way both the parties agree to the terms and conditions of the virtual assistant services. The contract template ensures peace of mind for you and your client.  There are tons of free contract templates available online. Else you can create your own virtual assistant contract, with your own terms and conditions. Apart from these, you can have business insurance too. 


Launch your Virtual Assistant Business Website And Social Media Pages

Do you need a website to start a virtual assistant business? Some might opine that you don’t. However,  I feel that having a website can prove to be extremely beneficial for your VA business.

When you have a business website, it makes your business look more professional, even if you are running it from home. Also, you can use the website to list your services and packages the way you want. By following the key SEO tips, you make sure that Google and other search engines direct organic traffic to your website. 

After launching the VA business website, you should focus on creating business pages on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other platforms. Remember that social media marketing still remains effective in attracting clients for FREE!

Also, if you plan to make money as a social media virtual assistant, your social media presence and influence will impress clients and encourage them to hire your services. 

Start Business Promotion to Find Clients 

You are all set to start your business promotion. This is the phase when you can’t be shy to talk about your business. Rather you should grab every opportunity to make people aware of your VA business. 

The easiest step is to announce your business launch to your friends, family, and acquaintances. Let them know about your business website and social media profiles. Request them to follow your business pages and share with their friends. Often service businesses get their first contracts from the close circle only. You can contact local small businesses with your services. There are many websites where you can list your business for free. Check them out. 

Besides these, you can also try cold e-mailing, attending networking events, organizing webinars, and other such lead generation strategies to find clients for your VA business. Also, it is important to remember that lead generation is an ongoing process. 

Few Additional Tips to Become a Virtual Assistant Without Experience

You are hesitant to start because you believe that people who have worked in administration, finance, or IT departments are the best fit for the job. You are wrong! It is possible that you have a few VA skills that you don’t know! So, here are a few things you must do to get your first virtual assistant project.

Prepare a Resume That Showcases Your Personal and Professional Skills and Achievement

Have you won a debate competition? Do you love to engage in volunteering activities or plan gala parties for friends and kids? Then you may have more skills than you realize! Make sure that you mention all these skills in your resume, especially the ones related to admin tasks.

Start On a Small Scale

Don’t try to chew more than you can swallow! To get started, you should find simple jobs on PeoplePerHour, UpWork, or FlexJobs. Once you complete a few jobs successfully, your confidence will grow to take more clients. Also, you can add these projects to make your resume look more attractive. 

Learn to Follow Instructions

As a virtual assistant, you need to follow lots of instructions that the company will send you regularly. For instance, you may be asked to follow a certain format to reply to e-mails or to communicate with clients. As a beginner, if you fail to understand any of these instructions then clarify them beforehand, rather than ending up in a mess!

Learn To Manage Time 

Ask any experienced VAs, and they will agree that time management is the key criteria to becoming a successful virtual assistant. Initially, you might feel overwhelmed with so many tasks assigned at the same time. However, you can prioritize those tasks as per the company instructions. You should try to complete one set of tasks before taking up the next one, rather than trying to switch back and forth between multiple sets of tasks. 


Can you run a successful virtual assistant business without experience? The answer is, yes! But you should remember that perseverance is the key to business success. If you don’t have specialized skills or experience then you need to work harder and perhaps wait longer before success knocks on your door! 


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