android app development company and how they can help in payment integration

An Ultimate Guide to Integration of Payment gateways in Android Applications with Android App Development Company

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Mobile applications have highly triggered major changes in the consumer behavior pattern. It has changed the business pattern, business models and even several industries. This change has happened, because mobile phones are being omnipresent everywhere. The mobile applications completely empower the people to have easy communication. An Android app Development Company can help online ecommerce mobile applications to integrate with an online payment option.

android app development company and how they can help in payment integration

With a secured payment gateway integrated with mobile application, it becomes easy for a customer to complete an online transaction for purchasing. Payment integration in mobile apps gives you and your customers a wonderful shopping experience. You will receive purchase amounts on time, and your customers will have a hassle free secured shopping.

How to Integrate Payment Gateway to Mobile Apps with Android App Development Company

Payment gateways need to be safe and secured. This is why payment integration of android applications should be done by trusted app developers.  It deals with all the confidential details of customers. The gateways need to be reliable and secured so that they can transact using payment gateways.

There are various trusted payment gateways like UPI, Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe and Braintree. Integrate payment with the app, so that your business can provide a great shopping experience. There are many android app development companies that can help in integrating a payment gateway into your mobile application.

how does an android app developer can help integrate payment gateway

  • Create an account with the help of an android app Development Company and get hold of your API keys. After that, you will receive the merchant dashboard using all your personal credentials. Login to the merchant dashboard and choose your particular payment gateway. You will receive your order tokens. These order tokens help you to get authenticated and you will receive API access.


  • A client application- this is done after you get yourself the API keys. This collects all the payments such as debit card details, credit card, card number, CVV, expiration date, and then sends it to the payment processor.


  • Copy the keys, namely the public key, the API key, and your respective merchant ID.


  • Implement the client-side in your android operating system. The client application collects and sends all kinds of account details to the payment gateways.


  • Server application- server collection works with the previously stored payment data and details. It receives the request from your client-side to make the payment and then responds to your payment gateway.


  • A direct credit card can be used for integrating the payment gateway to your mobile application.


  • The foremost step is to create a merchant account if you are an individual seller or merchant. It will help you to control and manage your budget.

Trusted and Secured Payment Gateways

app for online payment

Always go for trusted and secured payment gateways. Before you integrate payment gateway to your mobile application, you need to be very careful about their reliability. Here is a proper guide as to what kind of gateways you should use to integrate into your mobile application.

  • PayPal – It is now one of the most secure payment gateways, from the time it was used as a mobile wallet. It is trusted and works securely. People use PayPal for shopping and booking purposes. PayPal comes with various perks. It has various facilities like split payments, simple invoices, and financial reports. With the help of an android app Development Company, you can integrate PayPal as a payment gateway for your business. With PayPal, it becomes very easy to make payments to more than one person, at once. You can host your checkout page, and the version is available in 26 different currencies.
  • UPI Payment Gateway- UPI is highly secured and used worldwide. Reputed business firms are using UPI payment gateway in their mobile applications, to give their customers a good experience. UPI payment integration in the android app is used in both domestic and international transactions. With the help of UPI gateway, your customers can easily transact using their secured UPI pin. The UPI is linked to the bank account, and the amount is directly deducted securely.


  • Google pay – It is a renowned payment gateway. G-Pay is highly encrypted starting from the Google server to the payment processor. Google pay integration android app saves all the customer information in a secure manner. It is a very simple application that your customers can easily use.  


  • Braintree- it is one more successful payment gateway, which acts more like a payment processor for online e-commerce applications. It works similarly like PayPal and Google pay. It has the advantage of the recurring bill. You can pay to various channels at the same time. It is a safe and secured payment processor, being used worldwide. Android app Development Company helps you to integrate Braintree in your mobile application.

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Benefits and Perks of Integrating Payment Gateway By a Trusted Android App Development Company

  • The android app development company helps to integrate the payment gateway, which completes the shopping. Your business will receive the amounts on time, and you can then process the orders on time.


  • Custom android app development makes online shopping easy and hassle-free. Cash on delivery option causes problems for working families. You need to be present at home with cash, which becomes an inconvenient thing. The customers can now pay and relax, for the on-time deliveries.


  • Online payment gateways offer discounts and vouchers for prepaid payments, so businesses can attract customers in processing prepaid orders. Customers enjoy discounts when they pay with their credit, debit, and mobile wallets.


  •   Payment gateways are safe and secured, both for your business and your customers. There is no middleman or medium of transferring cash. It directly reaches your business account.


  • Growth and success in business. Your customers will have great experience and maintain loyalty to your business.

Successful Payment Integrated Apps

A trusted Android App Development Company offers you the best step and guidance in building the right app. Payment gateway integration helps you complete your mobile app. It takes your business to the next level. You can achieve great success, by giving your customers splendid shopping experience. Get gold from the famous and secured payment gateways and bring success to your business.

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