Amazon affiliate marketing tips to make money fast

Amazon Affiliate Marketing- How to Do it Right And Start Earning Within a Month?

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You have always heard about people making money from Amazon affiliate marketing. However, you are not so sure of the process of making money as an Amazon affiliate. In this article, I am going to share 7 easy tips to do amazon affiliate marketing the right way and make money out of it.

Amazon affiliate marketing tips to make money fast

Why Amazon Affiliate Marketing is One of the Best Ways to Make Money From Home Quickly?

If you are planning to make money from affiliate marketing then the best place to start is Amazon. It is undoubtedly one of the trusted brands, with a global presence. This is quite an advantage especially if you are new to affiliate marketing.

Top Reasons to Consider an Amazon Affiliate Program

  • A huge inventory of literally A to Z products
  • Amazon picks its sellers carefully which ensures quality products and prompt delivery.
  • You get all sorts of advertising and promotional materials from Amazon itself, e.g., banners in different sizes, SiteStripe, and Widgets. Also, you can build links the way you want e.g. image only, text only, or a combination of image and text.
  • Further, this e-commerce portal keeps you informed about the latest deals so that you can plan your affiliate marketing accordingly. 
  • When it comes to payment, they maintain complete transparency. You can simply visit the earnings section to know how much commission you have earned over a period of time.
  • Amazon has a robust performance tracking system. It provides a summary report that tells you the total number of clicks, number of ordered items, total items that have been shipped, and the respective earnings for a certain period.
  • And last but not the least, Amazon is the name people know and trust. 

What are the Disadvantages of the Amazon Affiliate Program?

  • Your account gets terminated if you fail to make at least three sales in the first six months.
  • Amazon affiliate commission structure is not very lucrative as it ranges between a minimum of 1% to a maximum of 10%. Also, the commission rates keep changing. And hence it can be really difficult to keep track of the rate for each and every product you decide to promote.
  • As an Amazon affiliate, you are not allowed to access buyer information.  Hence you can’t plan your marketing strategy based on buyer profile.
  • You can’t send Amazon affiliate links via Email or share in WhatsApp groups.

7 Tips to Do Amazon Affiliate Marketing the Right Way

Now that you have done the groundwork to promote your Amazon affiliate link, it’s time to apply the strategy properly. Here are 7 tips to promote your Amazon affiliate products successfully.

Share Amazon Affiliate Links in Your Blog Posts

While there are many ways to make money blogging, but affiliate marketing is perhaps the most rewarding of them all. 

How to make the best use of your blog posts To Promote Amazon Links?

  • Write high-quality content and insert your affiliate links at appropriate places. At the same time, it is important to do keyword research so that it organically boosts your article’s search engine ranking quickly. Let’s say, your Amazon affiliate links are about work-from-home tables and chairs. So you can write an article about “work from home table ideas for a comfortable workspace” and then insert your affiliate links at appropriate places.
  • You can use your blog platform to write review articles about your affiliate products.
  • Another popular way to share your affiliate links is in the form of deals and discounts. You can use Amazon banners to display daily deals related to products that you are promoting.
  • Create an Amazon affiliate e-commerce store and directly start linking your products to suitable images.

Use YouTube for Amazon affiliate marketing

Nowadays it has become really easy to create product videos since so many free tools are available for video production and editing.

What are the most popular forms of YouTube videos that you can use for affiliate marketing?

  • Create a simple presentation video where you provide information about the product features, and uses.
  • Unboxing video where you unwrap the product and show exactly how to use the product the right way.
  • A review video where you tell viewers what are the pros and cons of the product.
  • Share your own experience of using the product. Tell people how it has improved your life. Maybe you can invite a few guests to share their opinion as well.

Promote your Amazon affiliate products on Facebook

Undoubtedly Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms to promote and sell any product. And so you can’t ignore this platform when it comes to promoting your Amazon links.

How do you use Facebook for Amazon affiliate links?

  • Write informative feed posts about the product you are promoting and then share the link. At the same time remember not to make your FB posts too lengthy.
  • Create a separate Facebook page to share the upcoming deals related to your Amazon affiliate products. Remember to use relevant keywords in the page description and also in your daily posts. This will help Facebook understand what your page is all about and accordingly it will show it to users looking for relevant information.
  • Create attractive Facebook reels to provide a sneak peek at the product. For instance, if you are promoting a fruit juicer, you can record a short video of 30 seconds to show the unique features of the product. Add music/ narration to make the video interesting. And yes, don’t forget to share the affiliate link in the text portion of your reels.
  • Use the Facebook live feature to share your first-hand experience of the product. You can also invite your followers to ask questions about the product or share their reviews. 

Use Instagram to promote your affiliate products

While it is not possible to make your Instagram images or posts clickable, you can do it a bit differently. For instance, you can create Instagram Posts with attractive images and or videos with interesting narration. Use the right hashtags to make sure your posts can be easily found when searched by related terms. Then you can share the relevant link in your Instagram bio and instruct visitors to click the link there.  If your visitors find the post really engaging, they will do so willingly. Here are a few more innovative ways to share your Amazon affiliate links on Instagram.

Pinterest is a great platform for affiliate marketing

If you are yet to utilize the power of Pinterest then this is the right time to do so.

Remember Pinterest users like beautiful pins. So you need to really focus on creating good-looking pins. Add an appropriate title and description to the pin along with relevant hashtags.  Then in the destination website section, you can add the Amazon affiliate link.

Yes, Pinterest does allow you to directly promote amazon links without any website. Also, you can use this platform for cross-promotion. For instance, you can create pins for blog posts that contain the Amazon affiliate link. You can also create pins to direct visitors to your Facebook page which you have created for Amazon affiliate marketing purposes. Besides image pins, Pinterest also allows video pins.

Try guest blogging for affiliate marketing

It is one of the most overlooked marketing strategies which often shows quick results. You can write guest articles for other blogs in your niche. In those articles, you can insert relevant links which direct visitors to your blog or amazon site.

However, it is important to check out the guest blogging criteria because most websites accepting guest blogs for free, don’t get allow the direct insertion of promotional links.

Rather than looking to make a sell, you should use guest blogging to improve your blog’s domain authority and establish its online presence.

Look for paid promotion or collaboration opportunities

It is understandable that initially, you might not be in a position to spend money on paid promotion. And yet if you are looking to make money quickly from Amazon affiliate marketing then you have to give it a serious thought.

Decide the amount of money you can spend monthly and look for promotion opportunities accordingly. For instance, you can opt for sponsored posting on high-authority blogs. You can also look for banner advertising opportunities on different sites related to your affiliate category. And of course, there are trusted networks like Google, Bing, and social media platforms where you can start paid advertisement campaigns anytime, according to your budget 


How to Get Quick Results From Amazon Affiliate Marketing

  • Focus more on creating valuable posts and less on marketing. Because your visitors/ followers really don’t care about the product you are promoting unless it solves their specific problems.
  • Don’t overdo it by adding your affiliate links to every social media page update and blog post. This might irritate your visitors and they may totally stop visiting your blog/ social media pages.
  • While writing the product description, use your own words rather than copy-pasting from Amazon. It is your simple yet truthful narrative that appeals to users and can help you stand apart from competitors.
  • Be sincere and truthful while reviewing the products you are promoting. Don’t make false claims or offer incorrect information.
  • Use original images and videos as much as possible. Attract visitors with different types of content for e.g. infographics, memes, short videos, stories, and user-generated content.
  • Do an analysis from time to time, to find out which types of content are getting more shares and likes, which social media platform is adding followers quicker than others. Accordingly, modify your affiliate marketing plan.
  • Always remember to add an Amazon affiliate disclosure statement while adding the link in social media posts or blog articles.


Amazon affiliate marketing is not easy due to the fact that anyone can start it, with very little investment. Hence it is very important to pick up the right Amazon products that your target audience would actually like to buy. Make sure you devote enough time to do your own research before starting the promotion of Amazon products. 


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