8 Modern Affordable Gadgets for Small Online Business to Prove Yourself a Smart Entrepreneur

Start Using These 8 Modern Affordable Gadgets for Small Online Business and Prove Yourself a Smart Entrepreneur

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8 modern affordable gadgets for small online business

Sunil never thought of investing in business gadgets for his startup venture; not till the day he faced immense embarrassment trying to give a proper business presentation on his 8 year old laptop! This is when he decided to search for affordable gadgets for small online business and to his surprise he actually found quite a few great options.

If you are like Sunil who have just started a small online business, or planning to set one up, you will need to empower yourself with some handy gadgets that boost productivity. It doesn’t really matter whether you work from a rented space, a garage, or out of a backpack, you got to keep yourself light and fast to take on bigger competitors.

Here’s a grand list of 8 affordable gadgets for small online business that will ensure speedy success.

A Business Laptop – Boosts Performance and Productivity

These days, many businesses prefer laptops instead of a desktop. With mobility as its trump card, laptops are nowadays a trend for sure.

If you are heading to buy one for your small business, keep in mind that a business laptop differs from the personal variants. Business laptops should be lean and fast, yet suited for rugged use. 

Among various models available on the market, the Google Pixelbook is an excellent go-to option. The new version offers great connectivity and superb battery life.

Why Should You Select Google PixelBook?

Powered by a 7th Gen Intel® Core processor, the laptop packs 8GB or 16GB RAM for effortless multitasking. The lightweight aluminium unibody and NVMe solid state drive internal storage give Pixelbook a slim, stylish design.

From browsing the net to writing complex codes, preparing presentations to managing digital campaigns, the Google Pixelbook is perfect for every small business operation. The Pixelbook’s 4K monitor output is ultra-bright, but it does not cause digital eye strain.

Business laptops have multidimensional utility, which is why it tops the list of affordable gadgets for small online business.

A Professional Tablet – Smart Move Always!

Though zillions of super-thin tablets are flooding the market, the Apple iPad is still the tablet to have for its size and performance.


Distributed in Silver, Gold, and Space Grey colors, the iPad features a 9.7-inch LED-backlit capacitive touchscreen, and it weighs around 1.03 pounds.

Why Do We Suggest This iPad?

The A10 Fusion Chip with 64-bit architecture makes the tablet powerful enough to manage business-critical tasks. It can slip into a big purse or a briefcase, without weighing people down.

Fitted with an 8-megapixel camera, the iPad is great for writing reports and emails, studying documents, and also for video conferencing on the go.  

A professional tablet, in terms of utility, comes second after a business laptop, and that’s why, it takes the number two spot on the list of affordable gadgets for small online business.

Amazon Echo Dot – Hands-Free Productivity

The Echo Dot is a standalone device that comes paired up with Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa.

The innovative Echo Dot device enables you to control smart devices, use voice commands, send and receive messages, dictate notes, and get reBUY minders.

Users can control smart building modules like thermostats, locks, and lights, using the voice command, check their bank balance, or book Uber rides.

The high-tech device also works as a speaker, allowing you to make and receive calls using a connected application.

A new gizmo on the market, Amazon Echo Dot is one of the most affordable gadgets for small online business that is worth investing.

Wireless Printer – High Quality Printing Anywhere!

If your business needs to print documents, you will require a good printer.

The cost-effective Canon Pixma G4200 is a first-class option.

The machine is wireless, and it uses the new ink system, meaning, you do not have to replace cartridges every time the ink runs out.

All you need to do is refill the printer’s ink tank from ink bottles.

This reduces costs, enabling you to spend the money you would splurge on cartridges in many other areas of your business.

Portable Projector – Never Fail in Your Presentation!

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

In a crucial meeting, if visual imagery follows your words, that helps a lot in establishing the point.

To make an impact in important meetings, a portable projector like the Optoma ML750ST is necessary.

What’s Special About This Device?

Weighing around 1kg, the Optoma ML750ST is a high-performance LED projector with superior resolution. You can scale up the resolution to 1080i.  

The portable projector incorporates HDMI and USB ports, a MicroSD slot, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

A must-have device, the Optoma ML750ST is one of the best affordable gadgets for small online business.

Mobile Power Bank – Keeps Your Devices Charged Always

Be it notebooks, tablets, smartphones, or cameras, the 10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro will fulfill all your portable power needs.  

Equipped with resistance-capacitance sensors, the extra-durable 10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro optimizes the charging efficiency.

This device is almost 42 percent thinner than a regular 10000mAh Power Bank,. Not to forget that the slim and sleek Mi Power Bank Pro delivers up to 18W fast charging.

Xiaomi Corporation markets the Mi Power Bank Pro with a Type-C adapter to support a wide range of charging options. Intelligent power supply ensures safety.

HD Webcam for Office – One of the Must-Have Affordable Gadgets for Small Online Business

The popularity of video conferencing has soared in recent times.

And, why not?

Video conferencing bridges the communication gap between people in different parts of the world.

Why Do We Like This HD Webcam?

If you are into video conferencing, you can take a shot at Logitech’s BCC950 ConferenceCam. 

At less than 567g, the studio-quality HD webcam integrates top-notch features, including tilt, pan, and zoom.

With the BCC950 webcam, you can transform your garage into a business-grade conference room.

Today, HD webcams are among the most in-demand affordable gadgets for small online business.

All you need is a stable internet connection to stream high-class videos.

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Wearable Camera for Outdoors – Shoot On the Go!

Wearable cameras are not just for thrill seekers, adventure enthusiasts, and YouTube entrepreneurs.

Many business people are also discovering this hands-free gadget as a useful tool to shoot how-to and training videos.

You can use a GoPro wearable camera model to record inspections, capture audits, or to troubleshoot problems.  

Users can strap the GoPro wearable camera to their torso, shoulder, or head. 

The Wi-Fi connected GoPro cameras are excellent for live streaming real-time reports and inspections.

To Conclude

Now that you have checked the list of affordable gadgets for small online business you know why they are worth investing.  

You can measure the value they are adding to your business. These modern gadgets will enhance your productivity, and deliver a significant return on investments.

Are you already using any of these business gadgets? Do share your experience with us!

For any business query /collaboration idea, do drop us few lines and we will respond at the earliest.

And a little request: If you indeed decide to make any of the above purchase, then please use the links shared above. As Amazon Associate we share authentic links only. Your single purchase will make a world of difference to us!

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