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5 Affordable Food Franchises Under 50K To Begin Your Entrepreneurial Journey!

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Passionate about food and now plan to start a food business but not sure how-to? Then you can consider some of these affordable food franchises under 50K that provide you training and branding support to make quick money!

food franchises under 50K

Food franchises appeal to new entrepreneurs who think “food” is a great way to jump-start their entrepreneurial journey. And quite rightly so! Because when you open up an established food brand’s franchise you get quick access to their expert training and marketing modules.These affordable food franchises under $50,000 which I am going to narrate here, promise all sorts of support to their franchisees.

Before I provide the list, let me answer a few questions about food franchise operations, to clear doubts and apprehension about this business module.

Common Queries You Might Have About Affordable Food Franchises Under $50,000?

Are there any statistics that assure me of the success of the food franchise business?

Actually yes! According to statistics shared by (ref. link at the end), more than 36% of the total franchise setups in the United States are related to Food. Also, food franchises attribute to 48% of the yearly financial output of the franchise industry in the United States.

What are the different types of food franchise models available and which one is the best for new entrepreneurs?

If you are considering a food franchise business then you must know that there are three types of opportunities available.

  • The first one is setting up a Full-Service Restaurant or FSR.
  • The second one is opening a Quick Service restaurant or QSR, and
  • The last one is the retail food business.

Out of these 3 models, the QSR franchise has experienced maximum growth in the food franchise industry. This model also suits young entrepreneurs looking to start a business with low investment. 

Besides the franchise fee, what are the other costs involved to open a food franchise?

The cost varies depending on the model you select.

However, a few common business expenses which you should consider are

1. Legal fees, ie. expenses related to consulting a legal expert to verify franchise documents.

2. Accounting expense, i.e. costs related to hiring an accountant to monitor bookkeeping and related accounting tasks. In case your franchisor provides you with accounting software, still you need an accountant for time-to-time monitoring and guidance.

3. Working capital for daily operation

4. Set-up costs plus monthly rent (if any)

5. Travel and accommodation expenses, if you need to travel for training and business purposes. 

6. Inventory maintenance, in case your food franchise model demands so.

What Are The Top 5 Affordable Food Franchises Under 50K to Jump-Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey?

Here I have picked up the top 5 affordable food franchise ideas for foodpreneurs to consider. The information is collected from (refer to the link at the end of the article).

Time To Eat Delivery – One of The Best Affordable Food franchises Under 50K To Effortlessly Start Your Own Restaurant Delivery Business

timetoeat delivery - one of the affordable food franchises under 50K

According to NY Times, restaurant delivery orders have almost doubled in the year 2018.  This is due to the fact that 60% of consumers in the United States prefer to order a takeout or delivery weekly once, if not more.

So, yes, this is the right time to consider a restaurant and grocery delivery franchise business opportunity, as offered by Time to Eat Delivery.

There are several reasons to consider their food franchise package, a few of which are:-

They support you at every stage of business creation, starting from website and apps development (including SEO), marketing, payment processing and lot more.

The representative visits your clients, if needed, to build up partnership on behalf of your food franchise. Definitely a win-win situation!

They are powered by the largest delivery network worldwide. This simply means there are many local and global restaurant partners who might be interested to enter into a partnership with you.

They provide training and all sorts of assistance from the initial stage till your business is launched.

Time To Eat Delivery Franchise Quick Facts:-

1. Franchise opportunities are available in the United States.

2. You can run it part-time /full-time and from your home.

3. The entire business package costs around $30,000 with a down payment of $3500.

Visit the company website for more info.

Healthy You  Vending – One of The Best Food Franchise Opportunities for Health-Conscious Entrepreneurs

You can become a Healthy You Vending operator and earn money running a socially responsible business model! At present, the company supports 1700+ Healthy Vending operators with 2500+ healthy vending products.

HealthyForYou Machine

The company supports its franchisees every possible way, starting from helping identify qualified location for the  vending machine, lifetime coaching and extensive support to run the business smoothly. And of course they have two-days intensive training program that prepares you for the healthy vending business.

They have extensive healthy vending choices which include nutritious snacks, healthy beverages, and side dishes.

Healthy You  Vending Franchise Quick Facts

1. Franchise opportunities are available in the United States.

2. You can run it from your home.

3. The minimum deposit amount is around $30,000 but you should contact them online to gather precise information about the initial investment.

Burrito Shak – One of The Exotic Food Franchise Opportunities For Enthusiastic Entrepreneurs

Of all the food business ideas, opening a restaurant/food joint that serves exotic and delectable Mexican cuisine, sounds quite interesting, isn’t it? With Burrito Shak, you can have lots of fun running a quick dining family restaurant with a coastal vibe!

burrito shak franchise opportunity
Image credit:

As a Burrito Shak franchisee, you can offer your customers fresh  ingredients and unique recipe with cross utilization of products.

They offer all sorts of pre-opening and ongoing support to run the food joint successfully.

You can open up Burrito Shak eatery at shopping malls, universities, end-cap units, community oriented areas, airport and other appropriate locations.

Burrito Shak Franchise Quick Facts

1. Franchise opportunities are available in the United States.

2. Third-party financing assistance is available.

3. SBA approved.

4. The minimum deposit amount is around $50,000 but you should get in touch with the relevant person to gather precise information about the initial investment.

NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop– One of The Popular Yet Affordable Food franchises Under 50K

If you want to get associated with a  brand that comes with unlimited growth potential and 10 years of proven track record, then you can definitely consider NYC Bagel & Sandwich franchise business!

NYC bagel one of the best affordable food franchises under 50K

There are multiple reasons to consider this franchise opportunity. You can immediately attract customers who love the taste of fresh baked New York bagels.

Their operation module is really simple and cost-effective as it aims at minimizing overhead costs and inventory expenses.

They provide 24/7 support to franchisees.

NYC Bagel & Sandwich Franchise Quick Facts

1. Franchise opportunities are available in the United States.

2. Third-party financing assistance is available.

3. SBA approved.

4. The initial franchise fee is around $30,000. Also, they ask their franchisees to set aside a minimum of $50,000 for each $120,000 to $208,500 location they wish to develop.  For further details, you can directly visit the site.

Chocolate Bash – One of The Sweetest Food Franchise Opportunites to Consider!

If you plan to serve sweet delicacies like crêpes or waffles to your customers, then an association with Chocolate Bash can really help your business prosper! The best part is that they let customers build their own sweet dishes online, by specifying the ingredients.

Chocolate Bash extends franchise opportunities to all parts of the United States. However they have plans to expand internationally too.

They help their franchisees beat market competition with a well-structured business model. Necessary training is offered at the company HQ to prepare franchisee run their shops successfully.

Chocolate Bash Franchise Quick Facts

1. Franchise opportunities are available in the United States.

2. Third-party financing assistance is available.

3. The initial franchise fee is around $50,000. However, for complete information, you should contact the relevant person directly.

To Conclude

While there are so many best franchises available under $50k, opening a food franchise has its own charm! And yet, it’s important not to do anything in a hurry. Do your own research before picking up any of these affordable food franchises under $50K. Check online reviews, and watch Youtube videos to know what other franchisees are saying about a particular company, their products, training, and support system. You may need to spend some time on the research work but it will ultimately help in running a money-making franchise business!

Do you offer a profitable food franchise and want us to include your business in this post? Let us know.

Data source: franchisedirect link

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