7 Books About Online Business Success Internet Entrepreneurs Should Read

7 Books About Online Business Success Every Internet Entrepreneur Should Read

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7 books about online business success

For ages, books have been a wonderful source of encouragement and inspiration. Especially non-fiction books, which offer genuine, real-life insights, have, over the years, influenced several entrepreneurs to take revolutionary steps. You would indeed be amazed to know that even some of the most successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg also remember to take some time out of their super-busy schedule to read books!

In entrepreneurship, it is all about doing the right thing at the right time, but, in order to make the best decisions, you will require an in-depth understanding of your niche. One way to gain vital knowledge is through decades of experience, however, if you are a starter, books can help fill the void. Non-fiction writings, penned by individuals having expertise in specific industries, make it incredibly easy for everybody to acquire crucial resources about any business on the market.

Since there are thousands and thousands of business-related books on the shelves, how do you know which books would really help you to successfully kick-start your online venture? To make life easy for you, here’s a compilation of 7 must-read books about online business.

1 — The Six-Figure Second Income: How To Start and Grow A Successful Online Business Without Quitting Your Day Job — by David Lindahl and Jonathan Rozek

The Six-Figure Second Income is a no-nonsense, no-hype book that will provide you with all the guidance you need to start an online business. Lindahl and Rozek begin the book by deriding the negative perceptions or skepticism that most people usually face when starting their own business, and then, proceed to explain other pertinent factors that make a startup work.

The book fluidly defines the products you should focus on, and also describes realistic ways to research and produce them. Lastly, David Lindahl offers valuable information about the online part of the business, that is, how you can create a fabulous website to host your products and establish a payment gateway.

The style of writing is conversational, as if, a friend is talking to you, which makes the book an easy read for everyone, including people who haven’t ever ventured into an online business before.


2 — Crowdfunding Checklist: How To Raise Money for A Best-Selling Kickstarter in 90 Days — by Johnathan Leow

Let’s accept it — organizing an effective crowdfunding campaign can be brutally difficult. More so, when there is no clear-cut way to go about things. From conceptualizing a product to making a stunning video, writing an impressive pitch to intensifying awareness, there are probably a million things to take care of when launching a crowdfunding campaign.

To top it all, there’s a lingering fear of missing out vitally important steps that can completely derail the entire campaign. Crowdfunding Checklist, one of the best books about online business, introduces an actionable, easy-to-understand checklist, which breaks down the challenging chunks of a crowdfunding campaign into tiny bits, simplifying the overall process. All you have to do is to blindly follow the road-map presented in the book, to raise the money you need in straight 90 days!


3 — The Art of the Start — by Guy Kawasaki

Regarded as one of the top books about online business, The Art of the Start provides end-to-end solutions to its readers while covering the core concepts of launching a new business. The book includes step-by-step information about bootstrapping, entrepreneurship, creative ways to pitch your ideas, and so much more. Kawasaki pours his rich industry experience in the book, as he walks you through the whole process of starting an online business. In the later chapters, he also reveals the secrets of what it actually takes to convert a concept into a profitable venture. The Art of the Start is a must-read before you start an online business.


4 — Entrepreneur: How to Start an Online Business — by Lucy Tobin

Lucy Tobin, during her career as a columnist for the Evening Standard, has profiled numerous web entrepreneurs who have successfully made their online business boom over the internet. In the book, Entrepreneur, she tells amazing stories about many internet startups, the difficulties they faced, and the measures they undertook to deal with the challenges. Tobin’s book, a massive wealth of valuable insights, features lots of inspiring interviews that include first-hand experiences about overcoming the common problems of venturing into an online business. With this book, launching an internet startup becomes easy-breezy.


5 — Disrupt You! — by Jay Samit

Considering the dynamism of the internet marketplace, it is certain that success can only come through forward-looking philosophies that drive, innovation, disruption, and transformation. Today, creative concepts are as much crucial to internet startups, as it is to Fortune 500 companies to survive in this highly-competitive digitized environment.

A maestro in online marketing, Jay Samit, in his book Disrupt You!, offers plenteous backroom tricks and tips to make your online startup business stand out from the crowd with a unique voice.

Focusing on personal transformation, Samit’s best-selling book teaches how to develop entrepreneurial skills that make a startup business succeed in the online domain. Disrupt You! is among the most-read books about online business in the present era.


6 — Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weiss

With companies around the world increasingly trying to cut their overheads, online consulting is positioning itself as the smartest thing to do over the internet.

Added perks like being your own boss, and getting to decide the working hours, the projects to take, and the pay rates, are making the popularity of this online business soar to phenomenal heights with just about every passing second.

If you are one of those, having the necessary experience and skill-set to be a professional consultant, then a copy of the Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weiss is what you need right now to launch the hottest online business at this point in time. The book, covering the fundamental facets of consulting, is without a question one of the greatest books about online business.


7 — How to Blog for Profit: Without Selling Your Soul – by Ruth Soukup

You can love, or you can hate, but you can never ignore blogging when it comes to online business. Blogging, for the past few years, has been a rage, dominating the online landscape like none other.

Ruth Soukup, in his book, How to Blog for Profit, provides a robust blueprint to develop an authentic and profit-making blog by utilizing the unique assets that you have at your fingertips.

The book covers the all-important aspects of blogging, such as ways to create compelling content, techniques of engaging on social media, and several other topics that are of the utmost importance to be a blogging superstar. One of the most renowned books about online business, is How to Blog for Profit a must-read for aspiring bloggers.


To Conclude

The above books about online business would surely show you effective ways to launch and sustain a thriving business on the web.

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