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18 Tips on Networking To Grow Your Small Business Fast- Explained With Infographics

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tips on networkingRunning a small business and now looking for easy tips on networking to spread the word about your biz? Hey, you have come to the right place! As a busy entrepreneur, you might not have the time to read a lengthy blog post. That’s why I have taken designed this Infographic which precisely narrates the important networking tricks that can help small businesses.

Few of these tips on networking actually sound simple. But try to apply them at a crowded networking event and I am sure you will find it tough to overcome the fear factor. This article explains the precise steps to follow to overcome the fear of networking.

So let’s take a look at the networking tips, which if applied properly can definitely attribute to your small business growth.


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What You Should Do Next After Applying These Tips on Networking?

That’s an important question! Often entrepreneurs commit this mistake i.e. they simply overlook the follow-up process. Sometimes they do the follow-up after a month or so. This can be a blunder as you shouldn’t expect the event attendees to remember you after a month, unless you are dashing guy or girl who turns head!

Usually a follow-up is suggested after a day or so. You can call or drop an e-mail, referring to some interesting discussion/conversion that you had with the person. Rather than talking about a business deal, you can offer to help; e.g. you can provide information or a small service, which might help the person. And yes, you can show your willingness to strengthen the connection over a cup of coffee.

To Conclude

Now, that you have checked my tips on networking, it’s time to buckle up for some real action!  Don’t take failure and rejection seriously. Focus on long-term goals and plan your networking activities accordingly.


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