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11 Best Promo Video Makers To Spice Up Your Marketing in 2021

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Marketing has never been as competitive as it is currently in 2021. As brands have flooded the social media platforms to promote their products and services, each of them has taken the help of different strategies and ideas for marketing. 

It has become hard to survive in any industry if your marketing game is not on point. You need to have the correct marketing strategy if you want to make it big. Videos are now an essential part of marketing these days as brands are focusing on video marketing.

best promo video makers


Video marketing is the best form of marketing, as per the reports from the top marketers in 2021. More than 72% of all marketing experts have said that videos help them to get better ROI when compared to other techniques. 83% of them also agreed that video marketing has helped them get more leads and engagement.

If you are interested in expanding your business and improving overall performance, then it is time that you use video marketing strategies. Let’s check out the 11 best promo video makers that will boost your marketing efforts.

#1.  InVideoOne of The Best Promo Video Makers With Many Features

InVideo is undoubtedly one of the most popular and versatile video editors that have been around for quite some time. InVideo comes with a host of features that allow you to trim, cut, rewind, copy, and do many other things with your videos.

It can help make your promo videos in no time with the amazing tools that it is designed with. You can also add audio and music files to your promo video. InVideo has a simple UI, and the Pro version comes with some amazing extra features that will level up your promo game.

#2. Adobe Spark – A Known Name in Promotional Video Making

Adobe Spark is a choice for all those editors who want to bring a whole new dimension to their promotional videos. While Adobe Spark is expensive, but it has all the necessary features that you will need to create a wonderful video. From adding music to trimming a particular time frame of the video, you can do it all here.

#3. Animoto – The Right Choice For Social Media Videos

When we are talking about promo videos, we cannot neglect Animoto. It is one of the best in the business of making promo videos for all social media platforms. The software comes with a huge collection of photos and images, music files, video clips, that you can use to customize your promo videos. This drag-and-drop video software helps you give your video a stunning look very quickly.

Animoto is available at a very reasonable price, starting from $5 every month, and the Pro version will cost you $33 on a monthly basis.

#4. Vyond – Great For Animation Videos

If you are willing to create an animated promotional video, then Vyond is the best option that you have right now. You can utilize this video maker to make a wide range of promo videos that are best for your business. Create tutorial guides, explainer videos, and also how-to videos just at the click of a button.

The availability of thousands of templates in their library makes it even more interesting. Other than that, you get all the basic features that you would expect from a reliable video editor tool.

#5. Promo – Easy to Use Promo Video Maker

As you can understand from the name, this editor is specifically made to create promo videos for marketing. You can even make Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn ads, and YouTube ads on this editor. Promo gives you the ability to use all the top features that can make your promo video stand out. There are more than 2500 templates and other effects that give your video a brand new look.

Whether you want to create an explainer video or product video, Promo is the all-around solution for you. Promo comes in three different plans – Basic, Standard, as well as Pro.

#6. Powtoon – Easy Way to Make Explainer Video

If you are more inclined to make an explainer video, then Powtoon is the right tool that you can get now. It is the best software that will help you share your business story among your audience by allowing you to use a host of different elements. Tweak your video, add multiple assets, use a template and wait for a few seconds before the video is rendered.

#7. Headliner – Simplifies Promotional Video Making

Headliner is helping a lot of businesses to create promotional videos and attract more customers in the long run. You have to upload the video, add all the necessary assets from their library, and publish it.

Yes! It’s that simple. You’ll be amazed to know that you can even create a 120 minutes video using it. It can automatically transcribe audio and video. The software is available for $12.35 per month.

#8. Offeo – One of The Beginner Friendly Promo Video Makers Available For Free

If you are in search of free and beginner-friendly video-making software, then Offeo is a very good option for you. The free version of this video editor is one of the best among all the other editors we have mentioned in this list. It has a massive library that gives you access to thousands of licensed images, animation, video clips, photos, and much more. This is the best free software for creating promo videos.

#9. Typito – Easy Way to Add Text To Promo Videos

If your business prefers to have text promo videos, then Typito is the best way to make them. You can use the editor to create very high-quality videos with the help of advanced features and 200+ templates. The library has over 600K+ images that can help you enhance your promotional efforts. Moreover, publishing the video directly from here is very easy.

#10. Moovly – An Affordable Video Editor For Small Businesses

A cost-effective and feature-packed video editor appropriate for all sorts of businesses, Moovly is now very popular out in the market. This very effortless drag-and-drop video feature allows anyone to create high-quality promotional videos.

The “Autopilot” feature of this software can edit a video according to the best optimal settings. So, you can save a lot of time by using it.

#11. Animaker – The Right Choice For Animation and Live Action 

Another animated video maker on this list, Animaker is used to create quirky and eye-catching animation videos. You can also create live-action videos with this. The drag-and-drop interface is straightforward and fast, making it suitable for beginners.

This has the largest library among all the apps on this list. It comes with more than 100 million photos, videos, and extra resources that will surely help you.


So, spicing up the promotional and marketing strategies in 2021 is trouble-free once you start using the promo video makers mentioned above. Go ahead and take your pick!


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